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Can We Apply Aloe Vera to our Face Daily?

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Aloe vera, a succulent plant, is renowned for its medicinal properties. Added to numerous cosmetic products in the modern world, and used by itself in less-industrialized parts of the world, organic aloe vera contains many elements that may make it a versatile way to hydrate one’s skin. Can we apply aloe vera to our face daily? What is it about aloe vera that makes it potentially helpful for our skin, and how often can we use it?

In this article, we’ll answer all of these questions by going into the possible uses for aloe vera, as well as some of its pros and cons. If you want to know if aloe vera is worth adding to your skincare regime, keep reading!

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Is Beeswax Good For Your Skin?

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Beeswax has been used for countless years for a wide assortment of commercial, cosmetic, and medicinal benefits. Many ancient cultures used beeswax for dry skin. Produced only by worker honey bees, it is no wonder beeswax is often considered a high-quality ingredient for many different products on the market.

Originally, beeswax was the only form of wax that was used commercially in candles. In fact, ‘wax’ itself derives from the Old English word ‘weax,’ which exclusively referred to the European honeybee (Tulloch 47). Despite its popularity among many skincare enthusiasts, it’s still one of the lesser known ingredients for much of the population. Many people often ask, “Is beeswax good for your skin?” There isn’t a definite answer that works for everyone, but beeswax has proven beneficial for many people. Depending on your skin type, beeswax products may well be worth adding to your skincare routine. In this article, we’ll go over exactly how and why beeswax is good for your skin.

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What is Eucalyptus Oil Good For?

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Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil which is used as an antiseptic, in cosmetics like hand creams, and as a flavoring in dental products like toothpaste, mouth wash, and rinse to freshen breath. It can even be an antimicrobial to ward off bacteria to possibly help prevent sickness. Throughout history, it has been used as a musculoskeletal ointment and potentially has many other uses such as treating cold sores and in skin care, but just what is eucalyptus oil good for?

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Best Foot Cream for Sore Feet

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We all deal with tired achy feet, regardless of what type of work we do. If you work in an industry that has you on your feet all day, if you work outside in wet conditions, and even those dealing with uncomfortable shoes in the office all deal with sore feet. Whatever the reason, we have the answers for all of your podiatric woes!

Today we’ll go over what causes sore feet, how to choose the best foot cream for sore feet, and how to treat your tired achy feet. But let’s be honest, it’s a treat for you too.

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Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies.

Seasonal allergies: is your cough from allergies or a cold?

Whether your cough is caused by a cold or from allergies, to constantly be coughing and clearing your throat is pretty irritating and uncomfortable. Sometimes you develop a bad cough when you have a cold or flu but you can also get a cough from allergies, too. Maybe you have had a lingering cough for some time, with cold symptoms which never seems to clear up. It could be that you don’t really have a cold after all, and what you have instead are allergies.

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