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Factors To Consider When Planning A Kitchen

Flooring is one of the important factors to consider when planning a kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling can be one of the most expensive and extensive projects when improving your home, and yet a modern and elegant kitchen is one of the first things that buyers notice when they check out a new home. Your tired old kitchen is the best place to start when home improvement is on the agenda. A new kitchen brings the whole house together and creates a more valuable home that prospective buyers will love. Read on for the top important factors to consider when planning a kitchen.

Important Factors to Consider When Planning a Kitchen


To remodel your kitchen, start with the simple factors to consider when planning a kitchen. Many kitchens have walls covered in outdated wallpaper. Remove that wallpaper and put some fresh paint into your kitchen and you have completed the first step in an improved home.

Kitchen and dining room with intricate wall pattern.
Walls are generally the first area people focus on when remodeling their kitchens.


Just paint alone can change the whole look of a kitchen; brightening dark corners and creating a happy space in the house. Choose colors that compliment the flooring and bring attention to windows as this will help create a light and airy feel.

Cabinets and Surfaces

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Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream.


If you are unhappy with your dark wooden cabinets, rough them and paint them as well. Painted cabinets can bring light to a drab kitchen.  Traditional white cabinets with black hardware will look good in almost any home. If you don’t want to paint the entire cabinet area, through time or cost constraints, try replacing cabinet doors.  Pretty glass doors or etched glass inserts can add beauty and value to any kitchen. On a smaller scale, new hardware is also a boost for an aging kitchen. Replacing cabinet hinges and pulls with modern or colorful versions can be a quick-fix for a tired kitchen.


Kitchen cabinets and shelves.
Cabinets are definitely one of the obvious factors to consider when planning a kitchen.


Flooring For Kitchen Remodeling


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Flooring is another relatively inexpensive way to change the entire look of a kitchen to impress buyers. A kitchen with linoleum or carpet can become dingy and drab quickly. Rip out that old flooring and add some new ceramic tile and you have a brand new room.  Light-colored tile and grout can brighten even a kitchen with dark wood cabinets. The combination of new paint and new flooring is one that is sure to please any prospective home-buyer, so if you plan to sell your home, invest in the flooring!

Kitchen flooring, one of the necessary factors to consider when planning a kitchen.
High-quality flooring is an excellent investment in a kitchen remodeling project.



Adding new lighting or a ceiling fan to the kitchen can also change the look drastically. Florescent lights are harsh and can make a home look institutional. Take out those old fluorescent lights and replace them with pretty pendant lights or globe lights.

Lighting is one of the especially important factors to consider when planning a kitchen.
It’s amazing how much of a difference pretty lighting arrangements can make in a kitchen!



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If you have the budget, new appliances can definitely increase the value and beauty of your kitchen. Switching that drab eggshell-colored stove for a stainless steel version gives the kitchen a modern look immediately.

Energy-efficient refrigerator.
Many refrigerators today have energy-efficient features.


Stainless steel appliances tend to be easy to clean as well as one of the trendy factors to consider when planning a kitchen, so the benefits are pretty easy to see.

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Champion Stainless Steel Scrubber


A new refrigerator and dishwasher can also be more energy-efficient, cutting down on those big electric bills each month. Stylish makeovers for your kitchen do not have to cost a fortune and definitely add value to your home and make it more likely to sell in a tough market.