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Exotic Hardwood Flooring Ideas for Your Home

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If you are thinking of remodeling your home, one of the biggest questions you might be asking yourself is what type of flooring should you use. While there are many traditional wood floorings on the market, perhaps you have a taste for finer, less common interior design aesthetics. In this blog, we will be covering various exotic hardwood flooring that will turn your house into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

What is Exotic Hardwood Flooring?

Exotic flooring is a term given to wood flooring options that have been sourced from somewhere other than North America. These wood floorings are often more durable and uniquely colored than their fellow American competitors. They also tend to be more costly, due to their natural beauty and impossible-to-mimic colorations that other more common woods cannot be stained to look like. When it comes to selecting an exotic wood flooring, choosing wood that has been responsibly sourced is imperative to conserving the deforestation that can take place in obtaining wood from countries that may not have the same standards as North American logging companies.

Types of Flooring

There are many options to choose from when it comes to finding that perfect, exotic hardwood floor for your home. This section will discuss some great options that will be sure to beautify any living space.

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Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Despite this flooring’s name, Brazilian cherry wood does not come from cherry trees. Nor does it come solely from Brazil. Also found in Peru and Mexico, this wood gets its name from the vibrant, red hues that it has to offer. Ranging from yellowish to reddish brown upon being milled, Brazilian cherry flooring ages into a fiery red that will be the showcase of any home. With its added durability, it is a practical yet classy investment.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring

If you plan on putting your floors to good use, then Brazilian walnut should definitely be on your list of floors to choose from. As one of the most durable hardwood floors available, this flooring option will not get damaged easily and is therefore perfect for those who expect lots of heavy traffic on their floors. This flooring is dark brown in color, with a more subtle variation than many of the other exotic floors covered in this blog post. It is resistant to mold, insects, moisture, and even fire, which makes it a great investment. However, these amazing qualities make it one of the most expensive, exotic floorings on the market.

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Teak Flooring

Originally found in southeast Asia, teak wood can initially range from light yellow to reddish brown. As it ages, it turns into a golden brown that acquires intricate, dark brown streaks and hues. Since this wood has to be imported from such a distance, it can be more costly than other hardwood floorings. Teak wood is also softer than many of the other options covered in this blog, so purchasing engineered teak floors will actually increase its durability. This wood has many varieties, however, and the quality of your purchase ultimately determines the durability and cost.

Acacia wood flooring

With more than 1300 species, acacia wood offers an enormous variety in its coloration. Acacia wood is a hardwood that can range from warm tans to deep browns, with golden undertones that darken as it ages. In terms of hardness, this wood is very durable and will withstand the brutal wears of time and many feet. Blackwood flooring is one type of acacia worth mentioning. It comes from Australia and parts of Africa and is one of the most fire-resistant wood floorings available. Thus, if you live in an area that is prone to fires, this floor offers its own natural insurance to your home, making it well worth the investment.


Tigerwood Flooring

Looking for an unbelievably unique and exotic hardwood flooring? This flooring is exactly that. True to its name in how its burls and colorations look much like that of a tiger’s pelt, tigerwood floors offer eclectic and stunning visuals to a living space. This wood is found in central and south American tropical forests. With grains that contrast greatly from dark brown to honey-colored orange, tigerwood is the perfect embodiment of an exotic jungle- in the form of wood flooring.

It is extremely durable and contains natural oils that protect it from insects, mold, humidity, and other forms of decay. The only potential downfall to this exotic flooring is that sunlight dulls the trademark stripes that give tigerwood its name, darkening the light orange hues and making it hard to easily distinguish the contrasts that had been so vibrant before. Keeping the floor out of direct sun exposure can help prolong the tiger stripe appearance of this wood.

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Shopping on a Budget

Investing in a solid, highly durable wood flooring will almost certainly guarantee that you will spend less money in the long run due to not having to frequently pay for repairs or replacements. However, if you aren’t looking for a long-term home investment, or you simply don’t want to spend the additional money on an exotic hardwood floor, then there are some ways to reduce the costs. Buying laminate exotic wood, while not as durable, will still offer your home the same vibrant colorations that solid exotic floorings would, without the hefty price tag.

Likewise, investing in engineered exotic flooring lowers the cost because the middle layers of the flooring consist of the more-affordable plywood, rather than a whole piece of exotic hardwood flooring. This, however, may also reduce the durability of the flooring in comparison to a solid, durable piece of exotic wood.

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In Conclusion

Exotic hardwood flooring is a wonderful opportunity to add a unique touch throughout your home. No matter your budget, there are ways to create the interior living space of your dreams without spending a fortune. By investing in exotic hardwood flooring, you are not only styling your home, but you are also setting the ambiance for your everyday living space for years to come.