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How to Deep Clean a Bathroom

Shiny bathtub.

Bathrooms have a lot going on in them. They get dirty easily. It’s important to know how to deep clean a bathroom so that it’s comfortable for your family and guests, but also to avoid spreading germs.

Steps to Deep Clean a Bathroom

Cleaning Your Tub

One thing to remember is that how you clean your tub depends on the type of material it’s made from. The best thing you can do is read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Porcelain-Enameled Steel

Never use any abrasive materials if you deep clean a bathroom. Store all soaps, shampoos, and supplies in special containers that you can hang from the shower or stick on the tile to avoid pitting and staining.

Make your own cleaner with one gallon of hot water, plus two TBS of dishwashing liquid. Spray onto surface to clean and scrub with a soft cloth, rinse well, then use another soft cloth to buff dry. If you do not want to make your own bathroom cleaner, there are scouring creams that will do a great job in getting your bathroom surfaces shiny and clean.

If you have rust stains, you can use muriatic acid (pool supplies) to get rid of it. Be sure to wear protective gear if you are going to do this. Mix 4 ounces of room temperature water into a cup, then add 4 ounces of muriatic acid. Dip a cloth into the solution and rub on the stain, pressing down as you move across the stain. Rinse and repeat until the stain is gone.


Never use an abrasive cleaner, because it scratches easily. It can also be damaged by various chemicals that are said to be used for cleaning bathrooms. A good cleaner to use is generic baby shampoo or a phosphate-free all purpose cleaner. Use it straight on a soft cloth and rub into the surface in circles. Rinse the surface when you’re done. Buff dry with a dry cloth. To keep the tub clean you can use car wax on the surface of the tub, and buff out just like you would on your car. Let harden overnight.


Learning how to deep clean a bathroom is important to maintain proper hygiene in the home.
Learning how to deep clean a bathroom is important to maintain proper hygiene in the home.

One of the less durable materials but very popular due to the price, cleaning fiberglass can be a challenge. But again, don’t use an abrasive cleaner. Just use hot soapy water and baking soda to make a paste. Rub all over your tub with a soft sponge. You want the solution to stick to the walls and sides of the tub. Let sit for 30 minutes, then scrub with the sponge vigorously until it is removed. Use cold water to rinse and dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. It is okay to use a magic eraser on the hard to clean spots.

Enameled Cast Iron

This is one of the more durable materials for a tub. It’s more expensive but it often lasts much longer. Use the same baking soda and soapy water mixture to make a paste, except here you can rinse with warm water. Scrub with a rag or sponge but don’t use anything like steel wool on the surface. If you have stains on the surface, you can make a solution of trisodium phosphate and hot water (follow the directions) to apply to the stain and then rinse well. As always, dry the surface to bring out the clean shine.

Shower Door

Clean bathroom shower and sink.
Clean bathroom shower and sink.

Instead of a curtain to enclose your tub for a shower, you may have stained doors that need a deep cleaning. You can use any of the mixtures mentioned above to clean (but only one at a time). Just rub the solution over the area, then scrub with a stainless steel pad if the door is glass. If it’s plastic, use the milder vinegar and dish soap mixture with a softer brush. Scrub, rinse, repeat. When it’s clean, dry with a soft, dry towel to bring out the shine.

The process to deep clean a bathroom will be easier or harder depending on the materials. All the materials mentioned can encompass your tub, sink, and toilet. Use the right cleaning solutions for the material and the stain for best results.