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Coastal Nautical Decor In Your House

Abstract, calming coastal nautical decor.

Contemporary poet Nayyirah Waheed said it best: “If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both saltwater mixed with air.” If you are hoping to make your home into a haven of tranquility, there is nothing better than drawing inspiration from the seas through the use of coastal decor. Be it the sun-bathed blue vastness or waves under moonlight, there are a plethora of style schemes in coastal nautical decor for you. You can turn your kitchen into a submarine, make an island out of your bedroom, turn your dining room into Ariel’s own seashell palace, or recreate Atlantis in your living room. The options abound! But your budget might not… Read up to find some novel and affordable ways to decorate your house with a touch of infinity!


A kitchen needs to be well-aired and filled with light to be perfect. When choosing accent colors, think soft blues and greens matched with the lighter shades of sand. If you are fond of curtains, they can be a nice way of adding color to the room without committing to painting walls.

If you want to have fun with a coastal nautical decor theme, you can get some decal or wallpaper designed with little anchors, sirens, sea monsters, or boats. Blue and white stripes (match wider with narrower ones) are perfect for giving a yacht club feel to any space.

If you don’t want to risk having wallpaper in your kitchen, you can also add color to the room with appliances in teal, aqua or turquoise. Have fun with accessories like woven fruit baskets and bowls, or little bottles and jars filled with colored sand.

Living Room

Beach houses evoke a sense of effortless elegance and comfort. Coastal nautical décor means you get to create extremely rest-inducing spaces. Here, think hammocks, bean bags, comfy couches, and chairs. At the same time, don’t you dare overfill your living room with furniture. The go-to look is understated, so practice some restraint.

A very efficient way to create the perfect beach atmosphere is to make use of materials that have a washed-up flair. Driftwood furniture has plenty of character, it can be rustic and delicate or exuberant and simple. For an even more laid-back environment, pair it with elements that complement it, such as stones and seashells, as well as light fabrics for your upholstery and curtains, like cotton and linen. Go wild on sea grass rugs and decorative woven baskets!

Seashells and sand are a staple of ocean decor.
Seashells and sand are a staple of ocean decor.

Dining Room

A feast worthy of Neptune commands a magnanimous centerpiece to delight guests and make every dinner an adventure 20 thousand leagues under the sea. You can go for a very sophisticated look with a crisp white marble table, or even venture with more iridescent shades for a more luxurious atmosphere. Increase your house’s glamour level with a vintage chandelier made of copper or rusty silver.

Champion Polishing Cloth
Champion Polishing Cloth


For a more laid-back feel, think cabin in the island coastal nautical decor. Driftwood and woven accessories are still your best friends. Make extensive use of flower arrangements (natural or very good artificial ones) and explore the many hues of hibiscus, as well as less obvious features of a tropical landscape. Palm trees, cactuses, eucalyptus (very fragrant), and bamboo are all excellent choices for decorating your dining room. Remember, you don’t need to install your very own greenhouse in your dining room to get a floral environment. You can use smaller arrangements (a few shoots here and there), wallpaper, photographs, and paintings. There is a solution for every kind of space!

Nautical Decor Bedroom

Incorporate some mermaid merchandise into your home for some extra mystique.
Incorporate some mermaid merchandise into your home for some extra mystique.


If you raise your kids to have excellent taste in music, maybe you can convince them that a Yellow Submarine-themed bedroom is a really cool idea! Or you can be a grown-up with a Yellow Submarine room. But kids do go wild for a bed in the shape of a pirate ship or a shark! A simpler way to transform the room is DIYing a canopy of palm leaves or made with translucent fabric that emulates ocean waves. An ethereal, dreamy look can create a more relaxing environment for your child, while an adventurous, energetic kid can let their imagination run wild when they go to bed.

As for the grown-ups, you can go almost monochromatic if you are a fan of rocky beaches sizzling with mellow rain. Let gray hues set the tides of your mood. Also, gray is a great color in nautical decor for creating textured walls – a monochromatic palette means you’ve earned the right to some sparkle! A little bit of moonlight on your walls can be the perfect aid for a better night of sleep.

Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop.
Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop

More than anything, have fun with accessories. There is no reason why you don’t deserve to have a hammock in your bedroom! Make creative use of wall hangings. You don’t want to create an overly busy bedroom. Come up with your own balance of simplicity and fun with nautical decor!