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Champion’s Smoked Paprika (Sweet)

Champion's Smoked Paprika (Sweet)

Paprika is a chile that is most commonly used in Hungarian, Spanish, and South American cuisine. Within the last 10 years, it has gained in popularity in the US, leading to internationally-influenced dishes. If you’re searching for a way to increase your international cooking repertoire, try out Champion’s Smoked Paprika Sweet!

What is Smoked Sweet Paprika?

While paprika is believed to have originated in Central and South America, it is currently harvested primarily in Spain. Smoked paprika comes in three slightly different variations: sweet, bittersweet, and hot. Many languages refer to paprika as the “sweet pepper” due to its mild taste. The pepper is most commonly consumed in Hungry, where it is sun-dried, and Spain, where it tends to be smoke-dried.

Paprika chiles
Paprika chiles

Champion’s Smoked Paprika is harvested and prepared in a way that is truly high-quality. Spanish farmers use small smokehouses next to the growing fields to smoke the paprika. These constructions have wooden grids a few feet above concrete floors, where an oak fire burns slowly underneath the grids. The harvested paprika chiles are laid onto the grid to smoke for 10-15 days over a smoldering fire that is maintained so as not to produce flames. After the allotted days, the peppers, now smoked and dried, are removed, stemmed, and seeded before being milled by very slow-turning stone wheels. Precision is necessary, as any heat due to the friction of the wheels will negatively affect the pepper’s trademark color and flavor. The final result is a top-notch, smoked pepper that is silky and smooth in texture.

What Does Champion’s Smoked Paprika Taste Like?

Considered to be a mild chile, paprika is a great option for those who like very subtle tastes of heat within their meals. This addition to your meals will offer fiery undertones without an overwhelming and unwanted amount of heat. The sweet paprika used in Champion Smoked Paprika is tamer than hot paprika because the spicy chile pepper seeds are removed before grinding. This leaves our paprika with a rich, complex flavor and a smoky subtleness that complements many dishes.

How to Cook with It

Spanish chorizo sausage.
Spanish chorizo sausage.

Champion’s Smoked Paprika is a ground chile that adds a smoky aroma and taste to any dish of your choosing, thanks to the elaborate smoking process in which it is made. Just add a pinch to your cooking process to capture the many flavors this pepper has to offer. The traditional way in which to use Champion Smoked Paprika is by adding it to Spanish sausage, though you can add it to black bean soup, chorizos, fish, ham, sauces, and more if you want other ways in which to cook an international-tasting cuisine.

For an American cuisine, Champion Smoked Paprika works great as a secret ingredient for barbecue rubs. Combined with honey, you can make an impressive barbecue glaze that will bring out the sweetness of this sweet pepper. If you’re just looking to spice up your usual dinner plates, add Champion Smoked Paprika to meat loafs, vegetables, rice, salad dressings, or eggs for a unique dining experience.

Smoked Paprika (Sweet)
Smoked Paprika (Sweet)

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