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Champion’s Pennsylvania Pepper

Champion Pennsylvania Pepper.

No matter where you go, in everyone’s dining table, inside every restaurant, you will find these two little objects: a salt shaker and a pepper shaker. More often than not, this ubiquitous pair of containers will carry ordinary, store-bought seasoning to be sprinkled on dishes at the table. They are reliable and familiar. But it is definitely a special occurrence when you capture the magic of something mundane and elevate it to a gourmet level. It is affordable and super productive to go for gourmet pepper blends, a tiny change that results in exponential gains. Both everyday home cooks and specialist chefs absolutely love this bold and enticing spice, Champion’s Pennsylvania Pepper. There is a risk. Once you try Champion’s Pennsylvania Pepper, you might never settle for your everyday black pepper shaker again.

The worldwide beloved black pepper, otherwise known as Piper nigrum, is the world’s most commercialized spice. Of all the spices, black pepper is responsible for the highest volume of sales worldwide. Its enchanting kick comes from a chemical compound called piperine, which tends to total between 4.6% and 9.7% of its volume. This is slightly less than its sibling, white pepper. Refined piperine is at least one percent as hot as capsaicin by weight, the chemical compound responsible for the heat in chile peppers.

Taste Strategy

First of all, Champion’s Pennsylvania Pepper is surely peppery! Upon further tasting, you will feel the notes of garlic and sweet undertones that come from roasted red and green bell peppers. This blend is salt-free. In fact, it is a very popular option for salt-free seasoning. It is filled with incredibly flavorful notes with very subtle heat. Despite its sweet notes, it is also completely free of sugar.

Pennsylvania Pepper in the Kitchen

Pennsylvania Pepper
Pennsylvania Pepper

Champion’s Pennsylvania Pepper is the perfect companion to your dining table’s salt shaker, but it should also be widely used in the cooking process. Try it on scrambled eggs, roasted vegetables, omelets, grilled burgers, baked potatoes, grilled salmon, salads, chicken fillets, and pasta.

Some recipes that benefit from this blend’s specific taste strategy are Mediterranean hummus, ratatouille, chicken and waffles, and wild salmon with asparagus.


Champion’s Pennsylvania Pepper is hand-crafted with black pepper, roasted red bell pepper, green bell pepper, onion, celery seed, and garlic. All of our spices and seasoning blends are packaged in glass containers, which help preserve flavor, smell, and quality for far longer. Plus, the containers are really cute!