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Champion’s Garlic Herb Blend

Champion Garlic Herb Blend.

This popular no salt seasoning is also known as Herb and Garlic Seasoning. A staple of any well-stocked pantry, Garlic Herb Blend is a favorite of clients who are keeping an eye on their health, especially those on a low sodium diet. Garlic Herb Seasoning can elevate the flavors of all your most beloved dishes, keeping both your heart and tummy in harmony.

When and Where to Use Garlic Herb Blend

Garlic Herb Blend is the perfect, secret ingredient for pasta, tofu scrambles, and your favorite savory baked goods. Use it to season green salads, soups and stews, rice dishes, and steak. Make it the key ingredient of your homemade salad dressing by combining 2 tablespoons of Garlic and Herb Seasoning with 1/3 cup of balsamic vinegar, and 2/3 cups of olive oil. Mixing it with olive or coconut oil will help you create the perfect wet rub for seafood, turkey, and fish. Add it to roasted or steamed veggies for a mouthwatering side dish. On the go? Just sprinkle a bit of Garlic Herb Seasoning over a pizza slice or your favorite burger for a tastier lunch.

Flavor Profile

Garlic Herb Seasoning is a delicious addition to your favorite meals!
Garlic Herb Seasoning is a delicious addition to your favorite meals!

The hand-blended Garlic and Herb Seasoning crafts a delicate balance of flavors: a dynamic combination of all-time favorites, pepper, and garlic, with the depth and crunchiness of toasted sesame seed.

What’s In It

The Garlic Herb Seasoning is a mixture of lemon, chives, toasted sesame seeds and, roasted garlic.