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Champion’s Flippin’ The Bird Seasoning

Champion Flippin' The Bird Seasoning


The creatively-named Flippin’ the Bird Seasoning is one of Champion’s top-ranked seasoning blends, consistently appearing as our best-selling product. In fact, some of the most popular search terms on our website are related to it: “salt-free seasonings” and “seasonings for chicken”. We also often hear back from our customer base that they are looking to practice healthier eating and usually their first step is to cut down on red meat.

Healthy eating and wellness are also two of our key concerns so we are always looking to reduce the salt content in our seasoning blends. While many of the blends offered here contain salt, some of our best-selling options are completely free of salt.

The Story Behind Champion’s Flippin’ The Bird Seasoning

We are always trying to come up with new, delicious recipes in our test kitchen. Sometimes, inspiration comes from different trends in the food industry, like Champion’s Steak Rub, which started out as a twinge of an idea based on the country’s top steakhouses. Or an entirely new recipe might start out from the discovery of a single, exciting ingredient like it happened with Champion’s Bourbon Molasses Rub.

Champion’s Flippin’ The Bird Seasoning came from an intense feeling of dissatisfaction with the sameness of chicken seasonings. They are all delicious, but they all tend to rely on spiciness and, after a while, they feel repetitive. Instead, our test kitchen seemed like the perfect place to invent a new blend with a robust flavor of herbs. We didn’t want to fully sacrifice heat, so we kept the average base of onion, chili powder, and paprika. Since many of our blends already employ oregano and basil to very satisfying results, we wanted to try out a different combo. So, we chose marjoram, which is closely related to oregano, and sage, a herb that is a favorite for poultry.

Tired of the same old chicken seasonings? Try Champion's Flippin The Bird!
Tired of the same old chicken seasonings? Try Champion’s Flippin The Bird!

Then, we tested and tested and tested… and it still didn’t seem to be getting close to our vision of it. We couldn’t get the flavors balanced and harmonized perfectly, but one day the lemon zest and granulated honey duo did the trick. Lemon is a spectacular complement to marjoram and honey provided that needed undertone of sweetness. Voila! Champion’s Flippin’ The Bird managed to maintain a spicy taste, without heat, and a delicious balance of flavors with no salt!

How To Use It

While we usually have grilling in mind when developing new recipes, Champion’s Flippin’ The Bird Seasoning was also extensively tested in baked chicken wings. For those who aren’t fond of actually hot wings, this is the perfect seasoning blend. Try it over scrambled eggs and on roasted chicken, as well. One of our clients even won a silver medal in a barbecue contest with Flippin’ The Bird-seasoned smoked chicken.

As usual, we recommend that you use one tablespoon of seasoning for every pound of chicken. Remember that you can always add more seasoning, but you certainly cannot subtract it.

Taste Strategy

Flippin' The Bird Seasoning
Flippin’ The Bird Seasoning

This herb-predominant seasoning for chicken has citric and sweet undertones.


Champion’s Flippin’ The Bird Seasoning is a hand-crafted blend containing California paprika, celery seed, black pepper, marjoram, sage, lemon, onion, chili pepper, and granulated honey.