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Champion’s Espresso Rub

Champion's Espresso Rub.


Great cooking demands an active search for supreme, magical seasoning blends that go above and beyond your standard spices and herbs fare. In the pursuit of new delicacies, you will find a whole great world of exquisite dry spice rubs and seasoning blends that will delight and surprise you. Few of them, however, will surpass Champion’s Espresso Rub in inventiveness and wow factor. The rich depth of coffee grains and brown sugar creates the perfect crust of caramel surrounding your steak. The crust acts as a barrier that locks in the natural juices and flavors inside the steak and avoids premature drying.

This juxtaposition of flavors is inspired by Mexican cuisine, which comes together perfectly as the blend combines the surprising taste of coffee with the fruit-reminiscent hot kick of ancho, the sweet marvel of brown sugar and another kick of heat with a touch of De Arbol chile. Although the blends we market often steer away from salt as an essential ingredient, many others benefit from having just a pinch of salt to enhance and balance different notes.

How To Use Espresso Rub

No matter the steak rub you are using, the appropriate application method is simple: shake the seasoning onto the meat and work it thoroughly into the piece equally on every side. Next, make sure you refrigerate the meat before you cook it. While it’s generally advised to give it one to two hours of cooling time, the espresso rub is best enjoyed if you let it sit for only thirty minutes to an hour before cooking the meat. Champion’s Espresso Rub works wonderfully on steak, but it can also be enjoyed on many species of fish like swordfish and tuna.

Espresso Rub is a great addition to your favorite steaks.
Espresso Rub is a great addition to your favorite steaks.

This dry spice rub is hand-crafted with De Arbol chile, brown sugar, ginger, ancho chile powder, ground Sumatra Mendeling coffee, sea salt, yellow mustard, black pepper, coriander, Mexican oregano, and paprika. Champion’s Espresso Rub is packaged in glass containers, which help retain your herbs’ natural flavors and taste for a lot longer. Plus, they look adorable in your kitchen!