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Champion’s Cow Tippin Steak Seasoning Rub

Champion Cow Tippin' Steak Seasoning Rub


Humanity’s quest for the juiciest, tastiest steak possible started out over 10,000 years ago in Turkey, where cattle were originally domesticated. Although we have had eras to develop all sorts of creative methods, the journey has not yet ended. It’s true that a spectacular piece of steak shouldn’t need too much assistance, but true foodies will always try their best to optimize the flavor and Champion’s Cow Tippin Steak Seasoning rub may just be the perfect seasoning for the next backyard cookout!

First, make sure you know what grade you are buying. Everyone’s favorite restaurants and steakhouses purchase premium, high quality, and expensive USDA prime beef. It’s actually pretty hard to find this outstanding grade as a mere three percent of our country’s entire beef production falls under this category. You won’t find it at your local grocery store, instead, you will have to empty your pockets at a specialty butcher shop.

Another option for attaining great steak is to purchase beef under the label Choice grade, which is delicious enough for most meat-loving mortals. Next, you will find the Select grade, which encompasses leaner cuts. Select grade beef is less juicy, tender, and flavorful, but it can be easily found at any grocery store. But if you are hoping for something special, we do not recommend it.

Choosing The Best Steak Cut

Like wine and cheese, a truly excellent cut of beef acquires a far greater taste through the aging process. The aging can occur in two different ways. The vast majority of steakhouses will prefer wet-aging, which sees the meat age in its own juices through vacuum-packing. This method is preferred not only for its flavor results but also because it goes a long way in tenderizing the meat.

Spice up your favorite juicy steak with Champion's Cow Tippin Steak Seasoning Rub!
Spice up your favorite juicy steak with Champion’s Cow Tippin Steak Seasoning Rub!

You may not be aware of this, but some of the best steakhouses do not actually grill the steaks. Instead, they will broil the steak using infrared, commercial-grade broilers, which reach incredibly hot temperatures. But don’t be intimidated by this. It’s still possible to cook a professional-level steak even if you don’t have access to commercial broilers. All you will need is either a heavy-duty cast iron pan or a skillet. The secret is to be able to cook your steak under really high temperatures, and dense cast iron skillets will work just fine for this. Becoming skilled in the usage of intense heat will help you cook faster and get the beef as hot as it needs to be at the same level as a steakhouse-made product.

Steak Seasoning Rub Instructions

Start off by preheating your pan, as hot as possible. Take the steak to the pan for around two minutes. Turn it to the other side and cook it for another three to five minutes, based on how well done you would like it to be. As you get to your preferred level, you will add your liquid of choice. Most steakhouses go for butter, but there is a delicious and healthy alternative in the form of white and/or red wine mixed with soy sauce. The liquids will help the steak’s natural juices to get locked in, resulting in the best, juiciest steaks. As it happens with blackening, this process will create a lot of smoke inside your kitchen so, make sure to disconnect your smoke detectors and open as many windows as you can.

It’s actually pretty uncomplicated to cook a steak on par with something done at a steakhouse. You will certainly impress your family and friends with your knowledge of a steakhouse’s best practices.

Cow Tippin Steak Seasoning Rub
Cow Tippin Steak Seasoning Rub

Even though any great steak highly depends on the availability of top-notch beef and the necessary cooking skills, even the world’s most renowned steakhouses like to use seasoning. Champion’s Cow Tippin’ Steak Seasoning Rub is a hand-crafted seasoning blend inspired by one of Texas’s independent and artisan steakhouses. The blend contains thyme, Mexican oregano, coarse black pepper, paprika, white pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and de Arbol chili powder.

How Much To Use

Usually, we recommend using one tablespoon of dry rub for every pound of meat. But with steaks, we actually find it best to lessen that amount to one to two teaspoons for a pound. Season the steaks once you take them out of the fridge, but let them warm up to room temperature (it should take between thirty and sixty minutes) prior to cooking. Give them a few light sprinkles once they are finished cooking.

Other Suggestions

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