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Champion’s Burger Blast


The Burger Blast seasoning blend’s secret twist is probably unfamiliar to you, but tasting it will prompt you to see the error of your ways. Fret not, for this spice is still in the process of taking over American kitchens so don’t be shy if you’ve never heard of: Grains of Paradise. This poetic name expresses the heavenly flavors provided by the spice. Scientifically known as Aframomum melegueta, this member of the ginger family tastes like pepper, but with citric hints. Are you delighted yet?]

Champion Burger Blast
Champion Burger Blast

Grains of Paradise is becoming a lot more popular in the U.S. now, especially when it’s included in dry rubs for steak, chicken, and fish. Like your favorite rock band, Grains of Paradise is much more popular in the U.K., where it was introduced to the British palate by the Middle Eastern, North, and West African diasporas. These regions are much better acquainted with your soon-to-be favorite spice, especially considering that Aframomum melegueta is native to West Africa and prevalent in Southern Ethiopia.

Season up your favorite burgers with Champion Burger Blast!

In some areas, folklore states that the spice will help your digestive and warming processes. Grains of Paradise even play a role in spiritual practices, allegedly for its powers in divination and to determine guilt. This otherworldly spice has a number of potential health benefits, as well as flavor and romance to elevate your food to godly status.

Champion’s Burger Blast seasoning blend has a full and complex flavor that will incite questions and curiosity from your family and friends. With a little help from this blend, you will never go out for burgers again.

Burger Blast
Burger Blast

Taste Strategy

Champion’s Burger Blast is a delicately balanced blend with a little bit of sweetness and smoky hints of paprika.


Delicious burger
Burger Blast : The perfect spice rub for the most delicious burgers!

This hand-crafted blend contains domestic paprika, brown sugar, sea salt, Mexican oregano, grains of paradise, marjoram, garlic, onion, yellow mustard powder, and rosemary. Champion’s seasoning blend come in glass containers, which help seal in all these natural aromas and flavors for longer. Plus, they look quite charming in your kitchen.