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Champion’s Austin Steak Rub

Champion Austin Steak Rub.


A deeply-entrenched love for beef is part of America’s DNA and despite growing environmental awareness, the great American steak is being redefined by a new generation of expert butchers and restauranteurs. While American steaks have always been great, our beloved nation did suffer from slim choices: you either ordered a T-bone, a rib eye, a New York strip or a tenderloin at your favorite steakhouse. Not much variety and a lot of money leaving our pockets. But every decent barbecuer knows that a fabulous, mouthwatering steak doesn’t necessarily require you to rob a bank. If you are a fan of spending less and eating well, you will fall in love with the Austin Steak Rub.

The most avant-garde chefs will scour everywhere to find parts of the steer that are unlikely to be found in high-class steakhouses and local grocery stores. This new generation of meat-lovers is looking for cuts that are much more affordable, yet equally full in flavor.

Generally, the more expensive cuts all come from the same part of a steer, on the back, along with the spine or ribs.

But butchers cut steaks that utilize a steer’s whole body, which requires a lot more skill than slicing off sections of the animal’s back. Some of these butcher’s steaks are made up of whole muscles, precisely trimmed to turn out a good steak size, yet succulent and tender. These tougher cuts are also tougher to come by. While a steer will give off about twenty pounds of T-bone and rib eye cuts, you can only get one or two pounds of butcher’s cuts.

Dry rubs are a great way to add a new realm of flavor to your steaks.
Dry rubs are a great way to add a new realm of flavor to your steaks.

Finding The Best Steak Cut

For the longest time, meat-lovers believed that the main component creating flavor in beef is the fat content. This belief has been debunked by the world’s most renowned chefs, food scientists, and expert butchers. It turns out that the most flavorful cuts of beef tend to be tougher, less fatty, and less marbled. Instead of fat content, it is blood flow that allows the steer’s meat to fully develop into the beloved, beefy taste. So, muscles might take the trophy from the tender cuts, you just need to adapt to their different cooking style to get the best results.

Start out by replacing your costly tender cuts for some of these: tri-tip, skirt steak, brisket, flat iron steak, boneless blade steak, and flank steak.

Along with tougher cuts, dry rubs are becoming a popular choice for backyard grillers and world-renowned chefs. Whether it is inside a restaurant kitchen or at the weekend grill, this simple and powerfully flavorful ingredient is a staple for steak aficionados. Dry rubs do not burn, instead, they eject complex flavors into the meat.

Dry rubs like Champion's Austin Steak Rub add a unique, delicious flavor to your favorite steak cuts.
Dry rubs like Champion’s Austin Steak Rub add a unique, delicious flavor to your favorite steak cuts.

Using Austin Steak Rub

Dry rubs are different from other forms of seasoning for a lot of practical reasons. First, the grain size is a lot coarser than you will find in any seasoning powder, acting as powerful flavor agent and helping mold a taste texture onto the surface of the steak. You will use a dry rub much more generously than steak seasoning. We recommend brushing the steak with your preferred oil before applying the Austin Steak Rub. Generally, use two tablespoons of Champion’s Austin Steak Rub for one pound of steak. Now, liberally rub and spread the rub onto each side of the steak. Wrap it in plastic and let it refrigerate for twenty-four hours, minimum. If you can wait two to three days, even better. Your steak will taste like premium-aged steak.

Austin Steak Rub.
Austin Steak Rub.

One hour before grilling, take the steaks out of the fridge and set it out to warm up to room temperature. Set your grill to a very, very high temperature (over 425 degrees) and let the steak char on both sides. Once each side is perfectly charred, take the steak and move it to a cooler part of the grill. Let each side cook for six to seven minutes if you want to reach medium rare. Wait for another seven to eight minutes before serving.

Champion’s Austin Steak Rub is hand-crafted, using the following ingredients: guajillo flakes, shallots, coarse sea salt, coarse black pepper, red pepper flakes, oregano, roasted minced garlic, and onion flakes.