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Champion’s Adobo Lime Dry Rub

Champion Adobo Lime Rub


In Spanish, “adobo” is both a noun and a verb, meaning sauce, seasoning, or marinade. While in some cultures, the word adobo references the mixtures of spices, in others it refers to the cooking method that utilizes the acidic marinade. Adobo was born in the region of Iberia, specifically Spain, and quickly took over Portugal, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Philippines. Adobo remains a critical seasoning method in the Caribbean, Latin American, and Spanish cuisines. This savory seasoning is mostly employed to season and marinate fish or chicken. It is from this tradition that Champion has formulated it’s unique Adobo Lime Dry Rub.

Different Kinds of Adobos

As it spans over a large geographical area, adobo manifests differently in many cultures. For example, in Puerto Rico and in the Dominican Republic, adobo can be used wet or dry. Dry adobo is what we commonly know as a spice rub. Wet adobo can appear in the form of a wet paste or marinade, usually including olive oil, garlic, pepper, salt, and an acidic component, such as orange or lime.

Champion’s Adobo Lime Rub follows the Puerto Rican style, which mostly uses it as a dry rub and generously incorporates adobo to seafood and meat before sending the food to the fryer or griller.

Instructions for Adobo Lime Dry Rub

Champion's Adobo Lime Rub is a great addition to your favorite fish dishes!
Champion’s Adobo Lime Rub is a great addition to your favorite fish dishes!

Our hand-blended adobo is crafted with a delicate, careful balance of notes maximized for taste, where not a single spice reigns supreme. Instead, it is the combination that produces wonderful results. Although a lot of adobo marinades add citric juices during preparation, our blend already includes lime zest. Champion’s Adobo Lime Rub is best savored on light seafood, such as salmon and tilapia, and chicken. We also encourage you to add it to roasted and steamed veggies, especially white or red potatoes. It will give your vegetables an unconventional and mouth-watering appeal.

To use Champion’s Adobo Lime Rub, generously shake the seasoning all over the meat and rub it thoroughly onto both sides. If you are cooking chicken, use one tablespoon of dry rub for every pound of meat. For fish, use half of the amount of seasoning. Feel free to make adjustments based on your own taste, but start out with a moderate amount seasoning.

We suggest that you let the chicken soak up the seasoning in the fridge for approximately two to four hours before cooking. For some dishes, you may want to wait up to twenty-four hours—it’s up to you to experiment with your favorite dishes and discover the optimal time for your taste. As for fish, it should take just about an hour of rest before it’s ready to cook. You can use Champion’s Adobo Lime Rub as a dry rub or even use olive oil to apply it onto the meat. If you are fond of the citric notes, consider adding a few squeezes of lime juice to add more zest to your dish.

Taste Strategy

Adobo Lime Dry Rub.
Adobo Lime Dry Rub.

Champion’s Adobo Lime Dry Rub is a highly fragrant blend of spices, with a dominant earthy taste, with a soft garlic flavor and undertones reminiscent of anise.


This hand-crafted spice blend contains garlic, fennel, black pepper, cumin, salt, coriander, rosemary, Mexican oregano, lime zest, and thyme.

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