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Champion Jalapeño Salt

Champion Jalapeno Salt

Are you looking for a jalapeño seasoning that is inspired by Mexican cuisine? Or perhaps you’ve tried our Champion Habanero Hot Salt and found it was too hot for your liking? Either way, the milder Champion Jalapeño Salt will still provide a spicy kick without the intense heat. Brace yourselves, jalapeño lovers, for this salt blend is perfect for when you want a simple way to add heat to your food.

Use the Champion Jalapeño Salt for subtle spiciness and saltiness on anything ranging from burritos, chicken, burgers, enchiladas, eggs, rice, tacos, veggies, and more! Hand-blended with jalapeño powder, sea salt, garlic, pepper, onion, and Mexican oregano, this seasoning salt is made from top-quality ingredients that will make any dish taste as if it were made by a professional chef.

Jalapeno Salt
Jalapeno Salt

The makers of this fine Champion Jalapeño Seasoning Salt suggest you start with only a little bit of the seasoning. For the first few experiments with the jalapeño salt in your dishes, add just a few shakes until you’re comfortable with the heat level. You can always add more fiery flavor later, but you can’t take away that fiery flavor if you use too much. They also recommend using the salt as more of a finishing seasoning than a cooking salt. With 10 being the highest, the Champion Jalapeño Salt comes in at a 4-5 on a heat scale.

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