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Champion Hot Habanero Salt

Champion Habanero Hot Salt

Are you a lover of all things spicy? Does your food sometimes lack that kick that sets your taste buds aflame? If so, then perhaps it is time to spice things up with Champion Hot Habanero Salt. This spice fusion will add powerful flavor to any foods, ranging from burgers, chicken, vegetables, pizza, sauces, and more!

Hand-blended from the finest sea salt and habanero chile powder, this spice brings the art of fine dining to your kitchen that will impress all who take that first, savory bite of your perfected meal.

The Champion Hot Habanero Salt will become a go-to seasoning in your kitchen, as it can be used in replacement of any recipe that calls for salt. Our spice experts suggest using this salt as a spicy finish to your dishes, but it also works well as a rub for anything you wish to grill.

As a cautionary note, because Champion Habanero Hot Salt is not for the faint of heart, we recommend you use it sparingly, until you know just how much heat the salt packs into your food. Once you’ve got a feel for the level of intensity this fiery spice contains, feel free to experiment with all the hot salt has to offer.

Habanero Salt
Habanero Hot Salt

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