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Champion Ground Nutmeg

Champion Ground Nutmeg.

In the Middle Ages, wealthy Europeans brought whole nutmegs and graters to dinner parties to show off their status. If you’re looking for a classy, versatile spice that will leave guests wondering what that secret ingredient was in their dishes, then look no farther! Champion Ground Nutmeg is a quality product that will be sure to adorn a wide array of recipes.

Nutmeg in a Nutshell

Nutmeg is a spice that is harvested from an aromatic evergreen tree that can grow over 66 feet tall. Its fragrant flowers and edible, yellow fruit are signature characteristics of the tree. Nutmeg comes from the seed of the fruit, which is dried and then left as is, grated, ground, or crushed. The nutmeg we carry is ground and therefore a stronger flavor than nutmeg that is grated or crushed. This enables the spice to blend effortlessly into your food. 1 whole nutmeg is equal to 2-3 teaspoons of Champion Ground Nutmeg, so a little goes a long way.

Quality is Our Priority

We pride ourselves on providing top quality spices to those looking for products that go above and beyond that of common store-brand options. That is why Champion Ground Nutmeg is cultivated in India, where nutmeg is known to have superior oil content compared to nutmeg grown in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, or Grenada.

Fresh banana bread
Fresh banana bread

How to Use It

There are endless ways in which you can implement nutmeg into your meals. In the United States, the most common way to use nutmeg is through baking. From banana bread to pumpkin pies, nutmeg is a key, signature ingredient. The spice is also a hit in savory plates like eggs, creamy soups, meatballs, and stews. The Middle East uses nutmeg to season lamb, mutton, tomato sauces, and vegetable stews, while in Europe, they tend to use the spice in mashed potatoes, pasta, soups, rice dishes, and more. France, Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa use nutmeg in spice blends. As you can see, nutmeg is an ingredient that creates unlimited possibilities, opening the door to experimenting with international cuisine.

Ground Nutmeg
Ground Nutmeg

What Ground Nutmeg Complements

The piney, earthy flavor of Champion Ground Nutmeg is spicy yet sweet, with a subtle bitterness that might remind you of clove. If you’re cooking with nutmeg, then it’s best to add the spice at the end. You can use it to complement carrots, chicken, onions, potatoes, lamb, and more. Other spices that nutmeg goes well with include cardamom, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, cumin, and clove.