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A Comprehensive Guide to Winter Hydration

Get out there and enjoy the winter, but make sure to follow proper winter hydration measures.

When winter arrives, you must drink plenty of water throughout the season. Winter hydration is a huge concern since the chance of dehydration escalates when you play sports in cold weather at increased altitudes. At elevated altitudes, the air is much drier, so your lungs must work harder to warm the air. So, to protect yourself on cold winter days, consider implementing a few hydration procedures.

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Developing an Oil Cleansing Ritual

Have you ever thought that you could clean your face using natural oils? I must admit that I found it quite strange when I first heard of such a thing. I have combined skin and I thought that oil will make my face more oily, right? Not quite so. There is a principle in chemistry: to solve the problems of oily skin it is advisable to use a substance similar in composition; another oil. The benefits of this oil cleansing ritual which uses natural oils are undeniable because the skin will not come into contact with the chemical ingredients found in traditional products.

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Reflecting On Your Year

Reflecting on your year is a great activity to engage in while preparing for the upcoming year!

As you end this year and make preparations to move into the New Year 2019, it is an
excellent time to reflect on your year. Contemplate and dwell on what you achieved and
completed this year. It will affect how you enter the New Year. Many people love to
plan a new year; to set goals. They become excited about what a new set of 12
months can bring. But in saying that, it is necessary to put on the brakes for a couple
of days and give yourself the time and space to reflect on the past year.

It is wonderful to make new beginnings and to dream big, to clean out the cobwebs that
developed over the year. It makes the process much more meaningful when we remember
the bends and curves that we encountered on the road we are leaving behind and
what they taught us. It is good to honor the past and celebrate all the joys you had, to mourn the losses, and to be thankful for the amazing accomplishment of completing another
year. Remember, a whole year has passed by and you are older, but are you wiser?

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Health Secrets For A Longer Life

5 Health Secrets for a Longer Life.

Even though people have made so many advances in the past 100 years in the health
field, the technology field, and in all fields, most people living in these advanced countries
live unhealthy and unfulfilled lives. Actually, in the USA, the life expectancy of
average people today is dropping.  Despite all of the medical breakthroughs and health secrets being discovered in this country, many people are still getting sick and dying.

Why is the USA and many other countries seemingly failing in the field of
longevity? The new life expectancy for American people is 78.7 years – that makes
the USA behind other developed countries like the UK, Japan, Mexico, France,
Canada, and Germany. In these countries, the life expectancy of people is around
80.3 years. It’s not the doctors who are falling behind in the latest health
formulas and technology.

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Winter Survival Tips & Tricks

Guide for Winter Survival.

When we think about winter survival prepping, we often focus simply on the loss of conveniences: electricity, supermarkets, etc. Of course, the loss of those conveniences can be devastating. However, it’s also important to recognize that the loss of these conveniences can have a great deal more impact if it occurs when external conditions are more extreme. Severe weather and natural disasters can throw a huge monkey wrench into your prepping plans. That’s why we’ve compiled this in-depth survival tips guide for surviving harsh winters.

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Natural Remedies for Better Sleep

Finding natural remedies for better sleep may be beneficial.

An awakening has happened, no pun intended, regarding the importance of sleep. Sometimes referred to as the “sleep revolution,” people are realizing the necessity of a good night’s sleep.
Impaired sleep and insomnia can be extremely detrimental to the human body. The repercussions of sleeping less than five solid hours per night can begin as fatigue, moodiness, and impaired cognitive response. These can quickly escalate into more serious health conditions like weight gain, weakened immune system, and high blood pressure. Natural remedies may be a good option.

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Setting Up a Calming Room Sanctuary

Dealing with lack of adequate sleep is something many people struggle with. Insomnia and sleep deprivation in general comes in many forms, from the inability to fall asleep quickly, to not being able to stay asleep through the night.
No matter what your personal sleep issues are, you should start by changing your sleep environment. If you are trying to sleep in a room that is too bright, has a lot of distractions, or is constantly cluttered, it is going to be difficult for you to get adequate rest.
Keep reading to learn more about setting up the perfect calming room sanctuary for a good night’s sleep.

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Dealing With Sleep Deprivation and It’s Effects

Dealing with sleep deprivation and it's effects.

Sleep is critical to the maintenance of an individual’s health. Lack of proper rest can lead to a variety of problems impacting a stricken individual’s physical and mental well-being over the long and short-term.
The problems with not getting enough sleep are long and complicated, but they all start with the effects sleep deprivation has on your mind and body.
From worsening health problems and affecting your energy level throughout the day, to increasing feelings of anxiety and stress, it is imperative that you learn how it affects you and how to go about dealing with sleep deprivation.

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