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Debunking 7 Prevalent Laundry Myths

Woman falling into washing machine.

Once we encounter problems with our laundry routine or washing machine, we typically search frantically for the cheapest and quickest solution. While there are indeed numerous excellent laundry tips circulating that can definitely save you money and time, there are many laundry myths that are just simply time wasters and could even make your problems worse!

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How to Wash Gym Clothes & Delicates

Follow the following tips on washing gym clothes to finally find a strategy that works!

Since gym clothes and underwear are often made with very delicate fabrics, they have to be consistently washed thoroughly, but in a gentle way. They need to be cared for diligently since washing them with the wrong method or incorrect detergent could result in them losing their shape and elasticity. After all, nobody wants their leggings sliding down at the gym!

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The Best Detergent For Washing Baby Clothes

Washing baby clothes is easy with these super tips!

We’ve all heard of ‘baby soft skin’, and it’s true that babies and very young children have more sensitive and delicate skin than adults and older kids. We all know the age-old term “baby soft skin.” Babies definitely do have more delicate and sensitive skin that grown-ups. Therefore, since their clothes are constantly making direct contact with their skin, it’s important to choose the right laundry detergent when washing baby clothes. Don’t panic if you aren’t sure what detergent is best or how to properly wash your child’s clothes. Here is everything that you should know!

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Finding The Best Stain Remover

With the best stain remover, getting rid of food stains can be as easy as eating the food!

They say the secret to adulthood is dealing with spills and stains as soon as they happen, but sometimes life is too messy to let us do instant cleaning. The average adult spills coffee on their linen, white shirts at least two hundred times in their lifetime (unscientific poll). Some of us have more pasta sauce in our clothes than on our plates. And if you are a clumsy cook, you certainly have lost many pieces of clothing to the rebound effect of cooking oil at high temperatures. And if you have kids… You are fighting an endless war against stains. To help you win some battles, here is our ultimate guide for finding the best stain remover. Continue reading Finding The Best Stain Remover

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What is the Best Home Stain Remover?

What is the best home stain remover for clothes? Look for non-toxic, high-quality cleaning products that will have your clothes looking brand new!

Make your clothing stains disappear!

The inevitable has happened: your favorite shirt that you have lovingly worn for years finally got a stain on it. Fortunately, your despair will be short-lived. Depending on the type of stain that made its way onto your beloved shirt, there are a variety of ways to remove it, restoring the item to its former glory. Get ready to say goodbye to your clothing stains! So, what is the best home stain remover for clothes?

While you could run off to a major department store to get a home stain remover that is laden with chemicals that may or may not further damage your clothing, there are stain removers that don’t contain harmful chemicals. The best part is, removing stains from clothes doesn’t have to be a budget killer. In fact, there are plenty of products available, either exclusively online or in smaller stores, that provide you with top-quality ingredients.

In this blog, you will discover conscientious options for removing any kind of clothing stains. By the time you finish reading, you will learn how to identify the qualities that make an awesome stain remover effective, how to remove stubborn dyes, grease, oil, and blood from your favorite clothes, and can finally rest assured that even the trickiest of stains have their weaknesses.
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