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How To Make Homemade Soap Bars For Beginners

How To Make Homemade Soap Bars For Beginners Tutorial.

Handmade soaps are a wonderful way to add some color to your bathroom and infuse your home with some wonderful scents. They’re also perfect gifts that you can give to friends and family members at Christmas or during other times of the year. The best part is that they don’t cost much to make, so you can enjoy the feel and smell of luxury without it having a negative impact on your wallet. This guide on how to make homemade soap bars for beginners will give you some excellent ideas for soaps that you can make right in the comfort of your home!

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Matching Floor and Wall Tiles In Bathroom

Matching floor and wall tiles in bathroom.

Choosing how to go about matching floor and wall tiles in bathroom can sometimes be an overwhelming project with all of the varieties to choose from. There are certain tile arrangements and colors that can completely transform your bathroom. The opportunities are endless, and you can truly create whatever look or feel you want! Following are some inspirational tips to help you on your journey.

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How To Start A Bee Farm Business

Learn in this blog post how to start a bee farm business.

For many people, hearing the subtle “buzz” from a bee is enough to make them run. Yet bees can be gentle creatures, and they are often used in the homesteading lifestyle because of their ability to produce high-quality honey. They are also low maintenance, and they don’t require a huge amount of time, money or space. Our country could use more beekeepers, so if you’re someone who enjoys the sweet taste of honey, learn how to start a bee farm business could offer huge rewards.

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Simple Organizational Home Hacks

Simple Home Hacks for a cleaner, more organized household.


Having a clean, tidy home is something we all strive for. Not only is it nice to observe but being able to live in a clutter-free environment can also have a positive impact on our happiness and productivity.
In this report, we’ll be sharing four simple household hacks that can be used to transform your home into an organized, tidy space that you can be proud of. All four of these home hacks are easy to put together and require just a few items that you’ll be able to find around your home.

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A Modern Homesteading Food Guide

Growing your own food is one of the most important factors in modern homesteading.

Getting Started With Modern Homesteading Food Preservation

How many times have you opened your refrigerator, only to find that more food has gone bad? Or, consider how much food gets thrown away because you’ve overcooked or chosen not to eat leftovers. Saving and preserving food is one of the most important parts of modern homesteading.

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An Introduction to Homesteading

An Introduction to Homesteading.

It’s no secret that the way we live can have a dramatic impact on our world. If we choose to lead a more sustainable lifestyle such as homesteading that has the potential to reverse and improve much of the damage that has been done from previous generations, we accept our role as custodians of the Earth for this generation and the next.

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Eight Difficult Projects You Should Never Do Yourself

Electrical work is one of those difficult projects that you should hire a professional for.

Homeowners often take on a lot of do-it-yourself projects in order to save money or just because they can. There is a line between chores you can do yourself and difficult projects you should never do without the help of a professional, however. Some of these items are potentially dangerous or could end up costing you more time and money than it would just by hiring a professional in the first place.

Plumbing Problems

While unclogging a sink can be a DIY project, most plumbing projects are not. Water can leak and go virtually anywhere. It can seep between cracks and even through nail holes moving into other areas of the home, which can cause a lot of damage very quickly. Simply too much can go wrong by doing your own plumbing. It is best to save yourself the trouble and a potentially huge mess as well as subsequent expense, by hiring a professional plumber instead.

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Smart DIY Storage Ideas

Having a small house doesn't have to mean sacrificing DIY storage opportunities if you learn smart storage ideas for small spaces.

All the rage these days seems to be downsizing and going with a smaller home. Gone are the days of the McMansions. But with that also means less storage for your belongings. Just because you have less square footage in your home doesn’t mean you have to lose storage though. You just need to learn and implement smart DIY storage ideas for your home, attic, and basement. Here are the secrets to smart storage and making the most of the space that you have.

Furniture DIY Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Having stylish furniture that also doubles as storage spaces is a great solution. Ottomans that can be used as seating or a chair, but also gives you a place to store belongings is a great solution. Search for multi-function furniture that can double as storage places.

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Often Overlooked Places That Need Cleaning

Clean and polished dishwasher.

Everyone has places that need cleaning in their home. These places don’t get the attention they need just because they’re somewhat out of sight and out of mind – unless they smell. But, if you add these overlooked places into your calendar, you won’t ever have issues and your home will be much cleaner and fresher.

Common Places That Need Cleaning Throughout the Home

Stove Exhaust Vent

Most stoves have an exhaust vent above the stove with a fan that helps move smells and smoke out of the house. This gets very dirty and even covered in the old food and grease that are in the steam and smoke escaping. To clean the vent, first read your manufacturer’s directions.

Having said that, normally you can take it apart by unscrewing the screen. Soak the screen in hot soapy water, brush with a soft brush, and then dry thoroughly. Using a soft cloth with a 50/50 vinegar and water mixture, wipe down the outside and inside of the vent.

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Utility Room Storage Ideas

A utility room often includes a washer and dryer.

A utility room can be an important part of the home. This is often where appliances like hot water heaters, furnaces, washers and dryers, and freezers are stored. Cleaning equipment and supplies may also be stored in this space. This room should be functional and pleasing to look at, especially if you spend much time there.

Utility Room Storage: Functionality & Organization

* Make sure the things you use regularly are easy to reach. Infrequently used items can be put on a higher shelf or in a different part of the room.

* Store your laundry soap in smaller containers and refill as needed. Keep the large bulky detergent containers up and out of the way while the smaller easier to manage container is in arms reach.

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