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What Is A Good Oil Additive For Diesel Engines?

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Can a diesel motor oil benefit from a motor oil additive? In some cases, utilizing a good quality engine oil additive can bring the owner/operator significant benefits. In this blog post, we’ll try to provide some insight as to what is a good oil additive for diesel engines.

Due to today’s stiff environmental emissions regulations, modern diesel engine motor oils are forced to perform under extreme operating conditions. Conventional motor oils from only ten years ago would be ill equipped to handle the extreme operating conditions of today’s modern diesel engines. Traditional lubricant manufacturers continue their struggle in trying to meet these stringent EPA regulations.

Today’s conventional diesel engine oils are made up of various additives that help protect critical internal parts of the diesel motor. The following are some of the additives that play an important role in the performance of a diesel motor oil.

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Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Stop Leak

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It may surprise many heavy equipment operators that if a tractor hydraulic system were to leak out one drop of hydraulic fluid per second, approximately 420 gallons of hydraulic fluid would be wasted during a twelve month period. Factor that over multiple pieces of equipment and the resulting oil consumption leads to a decrease in profits. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of utilizing a high quality tractor hydraulic fluid stop leak.

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