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How To Find The Best Mop For a Tile Floor

Clean and shiny - a product of the best mop for a tile floor.

As many of you may know, although tile floors are beautiful and, for the most part, easy to clean, they do require a lot of upkeep. We all want our floors to be shiny and spotless. However, this requires some maintenance and some work. Mopping can be a daily chore if you do not have the right equipment to effectively clean and shine your tile.
With so many different options out there, it can be a difficult task choosing the right one. Let’s take a look at some important aspects to take into consideration when looking for the best mop for a tile floor.

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It’s Summer Forever:Coastal Bathroom Decor Tips!

Give your bathroom the authentic atmosphere of ocean living!

Maybe you got a brand new escape destination. Montauk, Cape Cod, Miami, French Riviera – here you go! Or maybe you are just trying to build the chilliest, most soothing zone within your bathroom with nautical decor. Whatever your means and needs, we got you covered with these style tips for transforming your lavatory into a refreshing reminder of the wonders of the ocean. Read up and stay up to date on project Summer Forever, including a radical tip you might not be ready for, but you should totally consider in coastal bathroom decor! Continue reading It’s Summer Forever:Coastal Bathroom Decor Tips!

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2 Asian Cuisine Dishes You Can Make at Home

Pad thai is one of the most popular and delicious dishes in Asian cuisine.

In the past two centuries, Asian cuisine has taken over U.S. homes and restaurants. The large presence of immigrant and Asian-American communities in cities like San Francisco, New York, and Chicago means that these places abound with the flavors and smells of the Eastern hemisphere. You may order Chinese takeout every now and then, or have a go-to Thai restaurant you love, but did you know that with a little bit of effort you can make affordable, delicious Asian food in your own home? Oriental food may be expensive in restaurants, but these dishes are ideal for serving large groups and can be very cost-effective. Find out where the nearest Asian market is, or do some online shopping, and get ready to follow these mouth-watering Asian cuisine recipes.

Asian Cuisine Classics

Pad Thai

Pad Thai gets a bad rep as the dish that everyone who is not familiar with Thai cuisine orders in Thai restaurants, but let’s be honest, the dish is the most reliably delicious option you could get! Originally a street food in Thailand, pad thai rose to prominence when the country saw its rice crops diminish during World War II because of floods and, well, the war. The government saw fit to incentivize the consumption of rice noodles rather than standard rice to endure the shortage.

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Craft Your Time Machine : Antique Home Décor

Regal antique home decor.

You know what never goes out of fashion? Nostalgia. Nowadays, the 1990s are making a huge comeback, but there are plenty of inspiring decades to help you redecorate. Looking to build the perfectly repressed Victorian atmosphere in your living room? Say no more, we got the style tips to turn your petticoats inside out with. Would you rather only travel as far as the 20th century? Let’s pop the absinthe and head to Paris in the 1900s. With 2017 seeming more and more like the end of times, build yourself a time machine and stay aboard the Titanic as the band keeps playing with antique home decor.

Paris 1900 – 1920: Art Deco / Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau, “new art”, is a French style of decoration, art, and architecture created as a reaction to the overly academic nature of artistic production in the 19th century. Inspired by natural forms and shapes, Art Nouveau can be found in textiles, glass and metal works, ceramics, furniture, and many other antique home décor objects.

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Coastal Nautical Decor In Your House

Abstract, calming coastal nautical decor.

Contemporary poet Nayyirah Waheed said it best: “If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both saltwater mixed with air.” If you are hoping to make your home into a haven of tranquility, there is nothing better than drawing inspiration from the seas through the use of coastal decor. Be it the sun-bathed blue vastness or waves under moonlight, there are a plethora of style schemes in coastal nautical decor for you. You can turn your kitchen into a submarine, make an island out of your bedroom, turn your dining room into Ariel’s own seashell palace, or recreate Atlantis in your living room. The options abound! But your budget might not… Read up to find some novel and affordable ways to decorate your house with a touch of infinity! Continue reading Coastal Nautical Decor In Your House

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8 Ideas for Your Living Room : African Home Décor

Indigenous African Wall Décor.

The many cultures and nations of Africa are responsible for inspiring an abundance of style ideas, artwork, sculptures, photographs, and patterns. Ranging from the north of the continent, with sophisticated Arab calligraphy and Muslim architecture, to the eastern Horn, with Ethiopian Rastafari influences, there is such a diversity of aesthetics in Africa. For those looking to add vivacity and worldliness to their living room, African home decor provide more than enough opportunities to branch out. Continue reading 8 Ideas for Your Living Room : African Home Décor

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Get Your Witch On! The Best Indoor Broom

Explore your witch side by investing in the best indoor broom!

Brooms are such a basic household floor cleaning solution that they might become an afterthought. But we all know that a bad broom can lead to years of back pain. And worse! Some brooms won’t reach those tiny corners or will easily come apart after a few weeks of use. For more effective floor maintenance, invest on a broom that won’t leave you crooked and tired. Following are some tips on what to look for in the best indoor broom. Continue reading Get Your Witch On! The Best Indoor Broom

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Who Makes The Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Today we will explore who makes the best engineered hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring is an American staple: classic, elegant, and comforting. America’s top provider of exotic custom hardwood flooring, Bruce Flooring, offers a wide range of options, varying in color and edge treatment. You can opt for more minimalist styles or go all out with the theme. So if you have been wondering who makes the best engineered hardwood flooring, here are some innovative ideas for mixing and matching design elements in your room! Continue reading Who Makes The Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

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Best Black Pepper For Cooking?

Champion Medium Ground Black Pepper, the best black pepper for cooking!

Champion’s Freshly Ground Black Pepper Medium Grind is the best black pepper for cooking for many of our clients. With an average 30 mesh, this ground black pepper is perfect for everyday cooking and in-situ seasoning. We pride ourselves on the meticulous crafting process of our products. Champion’s Black Pepper is completely dustless, and we even filter out the smaller particles that arise in the grinding process. Continue reading Best Black Pepper For Cooking?

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What Is Korintje Cinnamon?

In this blog post we will explore what is korintje cinnamon.

What is korintje cinnamon? The cinnamon tree, scientific name Cinnamomum, has a use for every single one of its parts—bark, roots, buds, leaves, and flowers. Most places in the U.S. tend to consume the Indonesian variety, Korintje cinnamon, Cinnamomum burmannii, a type cassia cinnamon, a plant native of Southern China. After being dried, the scented bark of Cassia cinnamon is widely sold in whole sticks or chips, but you’re more likely to find it in ground form.

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