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Best Two Stroke Oil for Lawn Equipment

Grass field mowing by professional gardener.

The best two stroke oil for lawn equipment should offer smokeless performance, piston scuffing reduction, superior lubricity, minimized spark plug fouling, and should easily mix with gasoline.

Professional garden maintenance landscaper.
Lawn and garden maintenance operators require a quality smokeless two stroke engine oil to withstand the extreme use they are put through.








Many lawn equipment professionals in the past have criticized the severe smoking experienced with their two cycle gasoline engines. This severe smoking is caused due to the engine being designed to burn oil. There are specialty lubricant manufacturers that have set out to address this excessive smoking scenario. The strategy is to create a two cycle engine oil that is smokeless. These unique formulas blend highly refined base oils together with synthetics. This unique combination creates a synergistic chemistry that delivers smoke-free operation for two cycle engines found in many lawn equipment fleets.

Lawn mowing aerial.
Many conventional two stroke engine oils tend to create a lot of smoke when used. This is the main complaint from professional lawn care operators.








By utilizing super refined base oils together with specialized synthetics, piston scuffing has dramatically been reduced, especially in air cooled engines that encounter much higher operating temperatures. Interestingly, the use of these specialized synthetics provide another benefit, which is improved lubricity. This enhanced lubricity has been shown to be superior to conventional two cycle oils formulated with only standard base oils and standard chemistry.

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A high-performance, smokeless, two stroke engine oil will utilize highly refined base oils and synthetics to eliminate the smoking issue.








Another strategy that earmarks the best two stroke oil for lawn equipment would have the oil engineered with a slightly increased viscosity. Such an oil typically utilizes high quality base stocks along with special synthetics and additives that contribute to this higher viscosity two stroke oil. This results in an oil that provides much stronger film strength, which ultimately delivers far less parts wear. Also, this slightly increased viscosity again helps with improved cylinder lubricity. Modern air cooled engines used in lawn equipment tend to operate at much higher RPMs and much higher temperatures. A synthetic blended two cycle engine oil with this unique viscosity grade can provide resistance to ring sticking, engine deposits, varnish formation, and chemical wear. This synthetic-based two cycle engine oil delivers superior thermal stability and greater protection.

Hedge trimmer garden worker.
A synthetic blended two stroke oil will offer superior lubricity due to the base oils used and its slightly higher viscosity.








Specialized industry tests for exhaust blockage, pre-ignition, and spark plug fouling are run at fuel oil ratios of 20:1. Many conventional two stroke oils put through these three tests have failed in all three. By choosing the best two stroke oil for lawn equipment that is synthetically blended will provide an oil that will pass all three of these special tests. Such a blended synthetic two cycle engine oil will reduce or eliminate exhaust blockage, spark plug fouling, and pre-ignition. Again, it cannot be emphasized enough that such specialty lubricants utilize top grade additives, super refined base oils, and synthetics to eliminate and solve problems for lawn equipment operators.

Gas string trimmer.
Exhaust blockage, pre-ignition, and spark plug fouling are typical problems with conventional two cycle oil. A synthetic-based product will eliminate these issues.








One final area to consider is how easily such a smokeless two cycle engine oil can be mixed with gasoline. A quality lubricant that already has proven to pass industry tests and proved to be smokeless without a doubt will offer very easy mixing experiences. Whether the oil is to be injected into the gasoline from a separate reservoir or whether the oil and gas must be pre-mixed in a gas can, easy mixing not only saves time, but delivers the necessary efficient performance and protection for your lawn equipment.

Trimming gas with gasoline string trimmer.
Mixability is critical for maximum operational efficiency and time savings for a properly engineered two cycle engine oil.








Proper mixing is important to prevent any potential rich mixture of the product on the bottom of the tank or avoiding a leaner mixture of predominantly gasoline at the top of the tank. It is important that the two cycle oil and gas be properly mixed so that the stratifications of gasoline and oil are eliminated in the tank. When temperatures become extremely cold, special care needs to be given when mixing. One special note: in this blog post, the discussion is strictly about the best two stroke oil for lawn equipment. Marine two cycle gasoline engines require a different type of two cycle engine oil.

Worker with protective clothing cutting grass.
Choosing the best possible two cycle oil for your lawn equipment fleet will deliver untold benefits, such as reduced downtime, time savings, and better profits.