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The Best Rated Mops For Tile Floors

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Are you tired of mops that deteriorate after gentle use? Many store-bought mops might save you money in the short run, but in the long run, they leave your floors covered in loose threads- or worse!- a fine layer of dirty water. That is why higher quality products have risen in demand. It is no surprise that, like many progressive markets, some of the best rated mops for tile floors can only be found online.

In this blog, we will be discussing why cheap, poor-quality mops aren’t good long-term investments, how to make the most out of your investment in household mops, and the best features to look for in choosing a quality product among the best rated mops for tile floors.

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Finding the Best Rated Mops for Tile Floors

The problem with TV and major store mops

Many ‘As Seen on TV’ products entice viewers with the idea that they’re making a bargain. These advertisements are geared especially towards manipulating people into spending money on items that have neat features. The quality of these items, however, often falls short of expectations. The item breaks, it doesn’t perform like it did in the commercial, or the shipping costs are pricey enough to make the deal look like a major rip-off for the quality of the items you’d be getting.

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Similarly, store-bought mops tend to be made of weak fibers that come undone, metal attachments that rust from constant contact with water, and cheap plastic handles- all of which have been imported from faraway countries. These products are meant to sound like a good idea at the time so that unsuspecting buyers make a snap decision to purchase a poorly made product to get the job done, even if that product quickly falls apart.

Making the most out of your investment

Who doesn’t like to spend their hard earned money on something durable, top quality, and effective? When it comes to making the most bang out of your buck, you might end up spending more on a mop. That mop, however, will end up saving you time that you’d otherwise be spending cleaning up the mess of a cheap mop that has left threads on the ground, or an inefficient mop that doesn’t leave the floor sparkling clean. The only way to prevent this from happening is to invest in a quality product in the realm of the best rated mops for tile floors.

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What makes a good mop?

There are many different types of mops to use, so how do you know which one works best for you? The following are superior qualities to look for in a mop. These qualities will provide you with the exact type of cleaning you need.

What’s in that fabric?

To get the most out of a dry mop, you will want one that is 100% wool. Because wool is super absorbent, it attracts unwanted dust and holds onto it until you decide to shake it out, rinse it off, and then allow to air-dry. Not only does this dust mop work like a dust magnet, but its firm latch on dust eliminates the need for harmful chemicals that cheaper mops usually require.

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For a wet mop, you will want a fabric that is also super absorbent but doesn’t leave streaks or lint on the ground. The type of fabric to look for in this mop is 100% cotton or a non-woven fabric. These two options are both highly absorbent and streak-free. A non-woven fabric is flat and gets into hard to reach places, while a cotton mop is easy to wring out and tough on dirty floors.

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Awesome features that make your mop ultra-functional

Some mops today are challenging what you thought a mop could be. From replaceable, machine-washable mop heads, to versatile swivel heads that maneuver into tough to reach spots with ease, mopping no longer has to be a vigorous, back-throwing workout. It can now be a relaxing and rewarding experience.

Support a local product

Many companies today make their products in countries that are willing to do a cheap job for less pay. If you want a quality product, the best option is to find one that was made in your country. These products are likely to have higher standards, meaning they’ll last longer. It also gives back to your country’s local economy, saves on the number of fossil fuels used to transport the products, and supports smaller companies who truly care about giving you the best they have to offer.

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In conclusion

It may seem like a good idea to get that store-bought mop, or order one ‘as seen on TV,’ but the truth is there are many alternative options among the best rated mops for tile floors that give you not only a wider range of choices but also a better product. If your mop fails to effectively clean your floors, perhaps it is time to invest in a more durable option.