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Get Your Witch On! The Best Indoor Broom

Explore your witch side by investing in the best indoor broom!

Brooms are such a basic household floor cleaning solution that they might become an afterthought. But we all know that a bad broom can lead to years of back pain. And worse! Some brooms won’t reach those tiny corners or will easily come apart after a few weeks of use. For more effective floor maintenance, invest on a broom that won’t leave you crooked and tired. Following are some tips on what to look for in the best indoor broom.

Design matters

A lot! The best broom should have a smart, easy-to-use design. For better results, pick a lightweight broom so you won’t get exhausted midway through the sweeping. Test the broom to see how flexible the bristles are. You will need a combination of soft, which is best for sweeping dust, and stiff, which is better at gathering heavier particles like kitchen crumbs. Polypropylene adds more flexibility to the bristles, so you want a broom that is at least partially made of it.

Flagged bristles have bushy, split ends that are more effective at removing tiny particles like those you get from salt or sugar spills. Many people who see flagged bristles think this means the broom is wearing out but on the contrary! These frayed ends are your best friend when it comes sweeping. You will also want a broom that has a high bristle count, with a good mix of densely-packed and evenly-distributed bristles. Another important element to think of is the handle: can you comfortably hold it? Again, lightness here is key. A light, yet strong material that is well suited for the handle is steel. It will resist heavy tugs without giving in and it won’t come apart after a few weeks of use.

Easy to store

Don’t leave your kitchen broom permanently standing over a dustpan or on the floor. You risk continuous exposure to dust, and the broom will just keep collecting and accumulating it in the downtime. Plus, if you leave a broom resting on its bristles, they will get bent out of shape and become far less efficient. Get a broom that comes with a hang-up hook, so it won’t touch the floor except when it needs to.

Size matters

Many brooms commonly sold in grocery stores can be too short or too long, even for the average person. Make sure you find a broom that is compatible with your height.

Shape matters too!

If you are looking for the best indoor broom, you most certainly want one that can reach the most difficult corners. Strictly rectangular sweeping heads are the best for reaching under furniture and other hard to reach places. Steeper angles also help you increase the reach but might be less convenient for general sweeping.

Natural is out! Synthetic is in!

Traditional materials like corn or horsehair are not as effective as synthetic fibers. Synthetic bristles can be cleaned more easily (just leave them soaking in warm water with a little bit of soap) and are not susceptible to rot. The price tag might be a tad higher, but you will be getting a product that will last far longer.

Your house deserves nothing less than the best broom to maintain optimum cleanliness.
Your house deserves nothing less than the best broom to maintain optimum cleanliness.

What about hardwood?

Hardwood floors are increasingly popular, they are extremely durable and look great. But without proper floor care, you might be looking at a very expensive replacement or refinishing job. The best indoor broom for hardwood floors should combine stiff and soft bristles, but lean to the softer side to avoid scratches or damage to the flooring. Remember our friend polypropylene? It’s a very safe material for sweeping hardwood.

Don’t be tricked by old-school looks

Traditional-looking brooms might give you a sense of comfort, and trust me, I get it. We all want to clean our houses as well as our parents did. But pick a broom that looks like it was born in this century. Old-school brooms are rougher on your floors and last for a couple of months at most. Find a good, synthetic broom, with all the features modernity allows you to have.

Champion Soft Sweep Up-Right Broom
Champion Soft Sweep Up-Right Broom

You don’t have to spend too much, but you also shouldn’t spend too little

As my grandmother used to say: “if you are paying too little for something, it means someone is being paid too little for making it”. Ethical concerns aside, a good broom is only a few dollars more expensive than a lousy one.

BONUS TIP! The Best Indoor Broom is for Sweeping, not for Playing Quidditch!

Trust me, brooms are kids’ number 1 improvised toy. You can pretend you are Harry Potter trying to catch the snitch, you can role-play as witches and wizards, and (oh the horror!) you can sword-fight with the handle. If you live with kids, you probably know that they are one of the greatest threats to your broom’s endurance. A word of advice? Let them play with your old-school, inefficient broom. But protect your best indoor broom at all costs.