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Beautiful Top Quality Hardwood Flooring Ideas

Kitchen with full wood flooring.

Planning a remodel? Or perhaps you’ve found that perfect house with not-so perfect floors? No matter your reasons, hardwood floors are a stunning way to make one’s living space more aesthetically pleasing. While some wood floorings such as cedar, fir, and pine flooring can give a room a homey feeling, these woods are often not as durable as hardwood floors. If you want a wood flooring that will last and give your house a warm and inviting atmosphere, look no further. In this blog we will cover the various different beautiful top quality hardwood flooring available for that perfect, at-home ambiance.

What to Look for in Hardwood Floors

While there are many varieties of wood and techniques for turning that wood into the perfect flooring for your home, there are actually only two choices of wood flooring pieces that one can choose from: solid and engineered wood.

Engineered wood is made of 100% wooden top and bottom layers of wood, with a center of intersecting layers of plywood. This makes the flooring suitable for humid climates, where wood is more prone to warping and expanding. Solid wood flooring, on the other hand, is by far the best type of hardwood one can choose if you’re looking for a traditional, classic flooring. Solid wood floors are made from 100% hardwood, which gives them strength and durability that engineered wood flooring lacks. They may be more expensive, but their timeless appearance and endurance may make them a better long-term investment.

Living room with matching beautiful top quality hardwood flooring
Living room with matching beautiful top quality hardwood flooring

Popular Types of Top Quality Hardwood Flooring

The following beautiful top quality hardwood flooring options are sturdy yet elegant ways to transform your home into the oasis of your dreams.

Maple hardwood flooring

If you want a floor that has an even coloration to it, then maple flooring is definitely an option worth considering. Maple wood consists of fine grains with straight lines, which will give your floor a clean appearance. This wood can vary vastly in color, ranging from a pale, creamy color to a darker, grayish brown. Because maple wood is extremely durable, using it as a flooring is a great investment for those looking to save money in the long run. Maple wood flooring is scratch-resistant and suitable for spaces that have lots of surface use.

Champion Soft Sweep Up-Right Broom
Champion Soft Sweep Up-Right Broom

Walnut Hardwood flooring

For that perfect, rustic wood flooring, walnut flooring is the way to go. With natural elegance, walnut wood ranges vastly in coloration, making it a unique choice for interior design. There can be both dark and light contours in the wood, ranging from pale to deep brown. While walnut wood is on the softer side of all the hardwoods available on the market, this wood has natural recesses and texture to it that hides any unwanted scratches that other woods might be less able to hide.

Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop.
Champion Old Fashioned Dust Mop

Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Not for the faint of heart, cherry flooring is a bold wood that brings deep, warm richness to an interior space. Ranging from rich, auburn brown to fiery orange, this beautiful top quality hardwood flooring has a natural red glow to it that makes it a top contender for those looking for a reliable wood flooring. Though cherry hardwood is considered a hardwood, this particular wood is softer than some more durable options. An easy way to strengthen and increase the wood’s longevity is to add a protective layer or finish to the wood. It is also worth noting that this wood ages gracefully when exposed to direct sunlight. If your wood is initially lighter in color, sunlight will progressively darken the appearance of the flooring. Simply avoid exposing the wood to direct sunlight if you do not wish to darken the appearance.

Champion Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner
Champion Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

In Conclusion

There are countless wood floorings one can use to design the perfect living space. Maple, walnut, and cherry wood are three popular yet unique flooring options that will leave your home feeling warm and inviting without the hefty price tag of a more exotic wood flooring.