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Oak Hardwood Antique Flooring Styles

Smooth oak antique flooring

Are you looking for a classic, affordable, and durable antique flooring? Oak flooring is a perfect option for hardwood floors that easily go with all styles of furniture. This blog will cover two common types of oak woods and different construction and sizing options. You will walk away knowing exactly the kind of flooring to style up your home.

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Beautiful Top Quality Hardwood Flooring Ideas

Kitchen with full wood flooring.

Planning a remodel? Or perhaps you’ve found that perfect house with not-so perfect floors? No matter your reasons, hardwood floors are a stunning way to make one’s living space more aesthetically pleasing. While some wood floorings such as cedar, fir, and pine flooring can give a room a homey feeling, these woods are often not as durable as hardwood floors. If you want a wood flooring that will last and give your house a warm and inviting atmosphere, look no further. In this blog we will cover the various different beautiful top quality hardwood flooring available for that perfect, at-home ambiance.

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Raw Hardwood Flooring Finishes and Designs

Beautiful raw hardwood flooring


Looking to make the most out of your raw hardwood flooring? Here are some ways to get that perfect and unique floor that you have always wanted.

Hand Scraped Raw Hardwood Flooring

Historically, raw hardwood flooring was made using special draw-knives to manually scrape planks smooth. Today, you can still purchase hand-scraped flooring. The blade used to achieve this one-of-a-kind flooring is unique. It is attached to a distinctive-looking knife that has a handle on either end. The carpenters draw the knife towards their bodies to take shavings off. The end result has distinctive scrape marks that do not have the uniform appearance of machine-scraped flooring. This results in an old-time, artisanal aesthetic that will be sure to compliment your living space.

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Exotic Hardwood Flooring Ideas for Your Home

Exotic hardwood flooring

If you are thinking of remodeling your home, one of the biggest questions you might be asking yourself is what type of flooring should you use. While there are many traditional wood floorings on the market, perhaps you have a taste for finer, less common interior design aesthetics. In this blog, we will be covering various exotic hardwood flooring that will turn your house into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

What is Exotic Hardwood Flooring?

Exotic flooring is a term given to wood flooring options that have been sourced from somewhere other than North America. These wood floorings are often more durable and uniquely colored than their fellow American competitors. They also tend to be more costly, due to their natural beauty and impossible-to-mimic colorations that other more common woods cannot be stained to look like. When it comes to selecting an exotic wood flooring, choosing wood that has been responsibly sourced is imperative to conserving the deforestation that can take place in obtaining wood from countries that may not have the same standards as North American logging companies.

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How to Cook A Top-Notch Dream Hamburger

Fresh, delicious hamburger.


Spring is fast approaching, leaving many people itching to shake off the autumn leaves from their grills. What better way to prepare for barbecuing season than to read up on how to cook the perfect hamburgers? This blog will discuss how to select top-quality burger meat, the various ways in which you can cook a top-notch dream hamburger, and additional tips to ensure you have the burger of your dreams.

The Best Burgers to Grill

In order to have a good cooking experience, it all starts with what kind of meat you choose. Some might even argue that all the cooking skills in the world won’t amount to much if you don’t pick a quality meat. So, what exactly makes one meat of choice better than another? Well, for juicy hamburgers you will want to look for two important characteristics:

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Tips on How to Grill the Perfect Steak

Grilling the perfect steak requires the right cooking temperature, as well as the proper seasonings.


Everyone craves that savory quintessential steak that is the perfect combination of juicy flavor and rich tenderness, but not everyone knows how to master the art of grilling a steak. If you’re someone whose grilled steak attempts have left them disappointed, or if you’re someone who usually goes out to eat to save the trouble of trying to grill that 5-star steak at home, then perhaps it is time to master the seemingly impossible task of grilling that perfect steak.

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Fresh Soybean Oil and its Uses



Soybean oil makes up 25% of the total consumed oil in the world, with a large majority of the oil going to livestock feed. Perhaps a less common but potentially beneficial use of fresh soybean oil involves that of soybean cosmetics. Soy skin care products are increasing in popularity due to the many possible health benefits that fresh soybean oil for skin has to offer. This blog will cover a concise history of soybeans, the soy plant, potential medicinal properties, and ways in which one might use soybean oil for skin and hair.

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A Look at Pure Organic Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is a plant found in the desert.


Jojoba oil is growing in popularity in the world of cosmetics. It is a common ingredient for all kinds of products, ranging from hair care products, jojoba for skin care treatments, acne prevention, and sunscreens. With the many ways in which it is currently being used, it’s no wonder there is a heightened amount of attention for this mysterious, desert plant! This blog will take a look at the jojoba plant’s history, its biology, potential medicinal properties, and the numerous uses of pure organic jojoba oil in the cosmetics industry.

A Brief History

The jojoba plant is a desert shrub, originating from north-west Mexico, Baja California, California, and Arizona (Miwa 407). For centuries, Native Americans used the oil that they extracted from the jojoba seeds for treating wounds and as a hair and skin conditioner (Scott et al. 545). Jojoba was not officially domesticated until the early 1970s, when people began to collect and process jojoba seeds for profit. What really encouraged the use of the oil of jojoba in the cosmetics industry, however, was the ban on imported sperm whale products, which took place in 1971. This ban helped discover the ways in which jojoba oil may actually be better for cosmetic products than sperm oil (Undersander). In this way, jojoba has helped prevent the inhumane use of sperm whales for various cosmetics and industrial companies.

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