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What is the Best Engine Oil for a Diesel?

Featured image for "What is the Best Engine Oil for a Diesel?" blog post. Blue diesel truck.

When considering what is the best engine oil for a diesel, there are various important factors to consider when choosing the best oil.

With the various modern types of diesel engines becoming so highly advanced with their complex specialized exhaust systems, the need for diesel engine oils to properly protect them is of critical importance.

When formulating the proper diesel engine oil, the chemists must decide whether they will engineer a conventional diesel oil that meets bare minimum industry standards and also meets a low price point or choose a totally different approach by deciding to formulate a high performance synthetic motor oil that far surpasses industry standards and provide oils for diesel engines that offer maximum protection and superior performance.

A full synthetic diesel oil initially will appear to be costly and expensive, but data has shown these advanced full diesel engine oils in fact offer the most value and greatest return on their investment. A blended full synthetic diesel motor oil  is a good choice to keep an engine running smoothly under all driving conditions, while effectively protecting critical engine components

For this blog post, we’ll try to offer some comparisons between these two philosophies. By understanding the difference between a conventional diesel engine oil versus a custom blended high performance synthetic diesel oil, you’ll be better equipped to decide what is the best engine oil for a diesel.

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Does Changing Transmission Fluid Help Shifting?

Modern automatic transmission system. Featured image for "Does Changing Transmission Fluid Help Shifting?" blog post.

Whether you are a heavy equipment operator,  in the automotive industry, or running a fleet of cars, you may be experiencing transmission problems, such as shifting issues, in some of your equipment.

When you drive your truck, bus, or car, do you hear strange noises as your transmission is shifting? Does your equipment need to be sent to the auto repair shop to check the transmission? Will the transmission need to be replaced? Does the torque converter need to be changed? Is it more a case of a dirty transmission that needs a change of the fluid and a change of the transmission filter, or is it simply low fluid levels?

In many cases, the genesis of these problems most likely lies in the type and quality of the lubricant being utilized.

The obvious question then is: Does changing transmission fluid help shifting?

Let’s discuss how changing your transmission fluid could be a simple solution to this frustrating problem.

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Best Synthetic Oil For Cold Weather

Snowplows removing the snow on the highway on a snowy winter day.

The best synthetic oil for cold weather is one that doesn’t thicken up when temperatures drop, thus allowing the oil to flow easily to critical parts that need proper lubrication and protection. Whether you are part of the heavy equipment or automotive industry, there are two oil types: synthetic and conventional. A synthetic base oil differs physically from a conventional base oil. This difference primarily concerns the molecular structure of each.

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Spice Up Your Life! Basics and Benefits of Growing Herbs at Home

Spice up your life! Basics and benefits of growing herbs at home.

Hobbies come and go- whether your schedule is too tight, or you just don’t feel like continuing something you started anymore. Both are completely understandable reasons to consider but there are times where you just want to find something to do with your hands.

Starting an herb garden can sometimes sound like a difficult feat but once you get the hang of it, it can come easy. With the right tips, tending to an herb garden will become easy-peasy in the long run- and it can also be very gratifying!

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What is the Best Automatic Transmission Fluid?

Winter diesel bus in Philadelphia.

Today, modern vehicles have a choice between lubricants that are considered conventional or custom blended synthetic lubricants. When deciding what is the best automatic transmission fluid, the first step in answering this question is to look at the base oils used for both conventional automatic transmission fluids and synthetic-based automatic transmission fluids.

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Learning About the Vegan and Vegetarian Lifestyle

Vegetable salad.

Alternative ways to adopt a healthier lifestyle are gaining steady popularity with people nowadays. Whether this is related to weight loss, philosophical beliefs or just wanting to see a change in you, there is no doubt that there are many options to choose from. Yet, two methods are consistently at the top of the game: veganism and vegetarianism.

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Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies.

Seasonal allergies: is your cough from allergies or a cold?

Whether your cough is caused by a cold or from allergies, to constantly be coughing and clearing your throat is pretty irritating and uncomfortable. Sometimes you develop a bad cough when you have a cold or flu but you can also get a cough from allergies, too. Maybe you have had a lingering cough for some time, with cold symptoms which never seems to clear up. It could be that you don’t really have a cold after all, and what you have instead are allergies.

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Walk and Lose Weight

Walking in the sunlight.

If you are facing in the right direction, then all you have to do is keep on walking to lose weight!

Everyone knows how important exercise is for our overall health, not to mention how we feel about ourselves — which is also very important. Popular exercise plans often promise six pack abs, sculpted glutes and a lean silhouette if you work harder than you ever have and consume less than has ever satisfied you; neither of which are sustainable. However, it is possible to get the results without the strain of intense training. Are you looking to bulk up or slim down? If you have athletic ambitions or you want to increase your strength, then weight training and strenuous aerobics will be the sport for you. But for those who want to be slim and healthy, then walking is ideal.

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