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Hydraulic Oil Life Expectancy

Over the last twenty years, the demands on hydraulic oil performance has vastly increased. Hydraulic oil systems have been designed to be smaller, resulting in smaller oil reservoirs. At the same time, hydraulic pumps are now called upon to produce more output, the result being much higher operating pressures. Coupling together these higher pressures along with much smaller oil volume, the end result is much higher oil temperatures. What does this all mean? If the hydraulic oil temperatures rise, this translates to an increase in oxidation, along with the additive chemistry weakened due to extreme temperature increases. What hasn’t changed during these twenty years is the mindset of end users. End users want to invest as little as possible for hydraulic oil that will last as long as possible while simultaneously offering high levels of protection for the machinery.

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Best Grease For A Tractor Loader

Featured image for "Best Grease For A Tractor Loader" blog post. Tractor loader moving dirt in the mountains.

Off-road fleet equipment owners have a large financial investment in carefully chosen equipment that they depend on to help them get their jobs and projects done on time and within budget. Unscheduled downtime is the worst situation for an owner/operator if this were to happen in the middle of an important job. To protect this large investment in equipment and to minimize the potential of costly downtime, it is imperative that the best possible lubricants are chosen.

When considering what would be your choice for the best grease for a tractor loader, there are a number of factors to consider. The majority of heavy equipment is exposed to extreme working environments. They operate in a broad range of temperatures and weather. They are exposed to abnormal amounts of dirt, dust, mud, and water. In addition, they must withstand extreme pressures and shock loads. Their most important function is to minimize downtime and earn the owner/operator profits.

They can’t earn their keep if their equipment is sitting in the repair shop rather than on the job site. Choosing the proper grease is more of a decision based on its ability of delivering performance rather than on the lubricant’s cost. Deciding on a grease based on the lowest price could, in the long run, be the most expensive mistake an operator could make.

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How Having a Dog is Beneficial to Your Health

Dog playing Frisbee.

There really is nothing that can compare with the love and devotion a dog can have for its owner. In the same manner, responsible dog owners have the same love and care for their fur-babies as if it were their own child. The joy of owning a dog is something unique and special and the unconditional love and the companionship that you get is beyond compare.

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What is Heat Stroke and How To Prevent It

What is heat stroke and how to prevent it.

Keep your cool, stay calm and beat the heat to avoid heat stroke

Heat stroke is nothing to ignore – it does not mean that if you have it, you just get out the sun and into the shade, drink down some water and hopefully be on your way. In fact, heat stroke is a medical emergency. It occurs when your body loses its ability to cool itself, and you become totally dehydrated. Your body is no longer capable of releasing the internal heat out into the environment, and therefore you end up with heat stroke. This is when your body can reach temperatures of over 104° Fahrenheit. Ouch!

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Honey for Pimples on Oily Skin

Honey bowl with dipper and flowing honey.

Using honey for pimples on oily skin can bring relief for sufferers of this condition. Additionally, honey can also help in dealing with acne scars derived from pimples. Honey can be a resource of nutrients for the skin. It contains enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Honey offers anti-inflammatory plus antibacterial attributes. There is one enzyme in honey that contains a useful antibacterial agent in the form of hydrogen peroxide. This enzyme can help in the fight against acne scars. Additionally, honey contains sugar, which can act as an antibacterial agent. This can lead to a reduction in acne if applied to the skin regularly.

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Yoga : Basics and Why It Helps

Person doing yoga on the beach at sunrise.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…

If you are thinking of trying a new exercise, then yoga is the way to go. Unlike other sports or forms of exercise, yoga does not only strengthen your body but also relaxes your mind and motivates your spirit. Yoga is the union of the mind, body and spirit. It is being one with the universe, leading to unification and enlightenment. Practicing this exercise includes postures or poses, breathing and even internal cleansing and cultivating the life-energy as it is also a form of meditation.

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Aloe Vera For Old Stretch Marks

Aloe vera plant.

Aloe vera for old stretch marks is an old fashioned remedy. When supplemented together with castor oil, you get a 1-2 punch in the fight against annoying stretch marks. Pure aloe vera has historically shown potential as a natural healing agent and also found uses as an excellent skin softener and moisturizer. Due to its natural tendencies at moisturizing and softening the skin, it shows excellent possibilities as a natural way to lessen stretch marks.

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Is Avocado Oil Good For Oily Skin?

Holding a sliced avocado.

Is avocado oil good for oily skin? The answer is a healthy yes! Avocado contains fatty acids that are helpful for moisturizing one’s skin. Avocado is filled with useful nutrients such as vitamin E, lecithin, potassium, and other important nutrients which act synergistically in providing nourishment and help moisturize the skin.

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Health Benefits of Ginger and Lemon Tea

Drinking a hot cup of tea has many potential health benefits, aside from just making you feel great! A cup of tea (or two, or three) a day not only makes you feel soothed and relaxed, it can also energize you and kick-start your day. Are you ready to start your tea adventure? Then start with ginger and lemon tea, which is not only a great choice of drink every day, it is also a great alternative to coffee! If you are a non-coffee drinker then you are on the right track, and if coffee is something you can’t live without, maybe switching to tea every so often would be a great idea too!

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