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Best Way to Wash Walls That Have Been Painted

Crayons can get on your walls and it is important to know how to remove these stains.

Once you have done all the work to paint your walls a beautiful color you want to make sure it lasts. With some simple cleaning maintenance tips on the best way to wash walls, your walls will continue to have that just painted look for years to come. You don’t have to spend any extra effort, just as part of your normal cleaning routine don’t forget the walls.

So while you’re vacuuming the floors take care of the walls too. With a brush attachment on the vacuum, you can clean the walls. After, go over the walls with a high-quality dust mop. As soon as you notice fingerprints or marks on the wall clean them off. Avoid using too much water. Sometimes life happens and there are stains on the walls. Here are some of the common stains and how to remove them.

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How To Paint A Room Fast

Painted living room.

Painting is a chore many people don’t want to undertake because of the time it takes. Prepping, and waiting for coats to dry so you can add another coat of paint if needed. And because it’s a messy job which requires you to cover up furniture or move furniture to another area you don’t want a room like the living room to be out of commission for a long time. So to do this quickly you need to be organized and have a plan of attack. Here are the 5 steps on how to paint a room fast.

How To Paint A Room Fast: 5 Steps

1. Cleaning the ceiling and the walls.

Always start from top to bottom for best results during this process. Remove the dust, dirt, and grime prior to painting with a little water and mild detergent. Make sure you remove all of the soap residues. Once the walls are clean be sure to cover the floors and any furniture you can’t move elsewhere. Tape up the areas you wish to not be painted.

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5 DIY Storage Tips For Your Home

Maximizing house space with DIY storage can create a more comfortable living space.

Keeping your home ready for guests can be challenging, to say the least. Depending on how cluttered or “lived-in” your home looks, you have probably played the “hide the junk game,” more times than you can count. You don’t have to play this game as often as you do or at least, not in the same way. For you die-hard “hide the junk” players, here are 5 ways to add DIY storage to your home.

1. Stair DIY Storage

This area is often overlooked. If you don’t already have a closet under the stairs, create one. Store tools for quick cleanups there. For more storage, use the actual stairs themselves. Turn each step into a drawer, either inside the closet or outside. If the drawers are accessible from outside the closet, make sure they are always closed tightly. You may want to use a magnetic closure to ensure that the drawers close.

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Eco Friendly Cookware Guide

Eco friendly tea pot and mug.

If you have finished your newly remodeled, eco-friendly kitchen, complete with green lighting and environmentally-sound wall coverings, there is only one thing left to do. It’s time to go shopping for your new eco friendly cookware. No kitchen is complete without it!

Traditional cookware may contain toxins known as PFOA and PTFE. PFOA is the chemical ingredient necessary for creating non-stick coatings for cookware such as frying pans. Although there is not enough information currently available on the risks of using cookware that contain PFOA, there is definitely cause for concern. PTFE is another chemical treatment, the most popular and well-known for treating non-stick coating.

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7 Steps to a Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng shui bedroom

When it comes to a Feng Shui bedroom, you should arrange the space to support your best rest. The ambience of the bedroom should be inviting, exciting and calming all tied into one. Whether you’re going to be in the room for an afternoon nap, a good night’s sleep or for a round of passionate lovemaking, you should get the feeling that the room is pleasurable and fun to be in.

Tips to Create a Feng Shui bedroom

Fresh air

If you can’t have your windows open all the time (or live in an area where if they were open you would be inhaling pollutants), invest in an air purifier. Fresh air is important in good Feng Shui energy.
Note: You should not use any type of plant or flower in your bedroom especially if it’s a small room. If you do choose to use them, make sure they are as far away from your bed as possible.

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Enjoying the Best Omega 3 Health Benefits

Visit your local health food store for a variety of the best Omega 3 supplements.

Omega 3 fatty acids are very good fats. These are the kind of fats that you should be considering for your diet. But not many people know what Omega 3 fatty acids are, and yet they play such a vital role in our bodies. It is important to learn about the best Omega 3 sources, and since we can’t produce it in our bodies, we need to get it from our diet.

What are Omega 3 fatty acids?

The important fatty acid types in our bodies are alpha-linolenic acids (ALA), docosahexaenoic acids (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acids. Alpha-linolenic acids are to be found mostly in plants while the other two, EPA and DHA are to be found mostly in algae and animal foods. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential in our body in order for our body to function optimally, which makes them excellent for our health. It may be beneficial for you to find the best Omega 3 supplement at your local health food store.

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The Best Glass Cleaning Solution to Make Your Windows Sparkle

A high quality glass cleaning solution will have your windows performing at their highest potential!

Windows are like the eyes of your home. Keeping them sparkling clean with the right glass cleaning solution will make a huge difference, not only in the view from the outside but also on your view from the inside. Having clean windows can make the difference between thinking that it’s foggy outside or nice outside. You don’t want to miss out just because your windows are dirty or because you don’t have a high quality glass cleaning solution.

Tips for Using a Glass Cleaning Solution

First vacuum or dust off free debris. Then using a non-streaking,  glass-approved cleaner, spray it liberally on the glass. One can either purchase low-performance, mainstream glass cleaning products, or a high-performance glass cleaning solution where the majority of money is put into high-quality ingredients and research & development, not TV advertising.  Use a paper towel, newspaper, or old paper bag to wipe the glass from side to side or up and down, but not in a circle. If there is any wood surrounding the glass, always cover it with a towel so that none of the glass cleaning solution gets inside and ruins the frame.

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Bathroom Remodeling: Easy Ways To Create More Visual Space

Bathroom remodeling can sometimes be a long process, but the end result is well worth the effort!

For bathroom remodeling projects, you have the opportunity to make a completely new space out of your old bathroom. New fixtures and flooring, or small changes like lighting and paint, can make a big difference. To make your bathroom open and inviting, you want to create more visual space. Sometimes this is achieved with fixtures and decorative items, and sometimes with optical illusions that draw the eye to somewhere specific.

Here are some easy ways to create more visual space in your bathroom:

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Modern Design Starts with Knowing Your End Goal

Sun room with a modern design.

A lot of major projects understandably have better results when there is a plan and an end goal in mind. When you know your end goal, you can better plan out the details and organize to achieve the very best result. Design projects are no exception to this rule. To start, implement, and achieve a great modern design project, you need to start by knowing your end goal. Once this is known, you can work backwards to plan and prepare your design project and then you can execute it perfectly.

Keep an Idea Log of Your Ideal Modern Design

An artist in any sense of the word should keep an idea log. You can use your smartphone, a notebook, or even napkins as long as you can keep track of them. Even if you think you could never forget such a genius idea, write it down and write every detail associated with it just in case.

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Cleaning Cupboards Like a Pro

Cleaning cupboards is important for home maintenance.

You can make your cupboards look like new with just a little elbow grease. Simply cleaning cupboards and shining up without doing any type of painting or refinishing seems like it wouldn’t work. But the truth is, most of us aren’t effective enough when cleaning cupboards – even when we think we did a deep cleaning. Follow these tips to make your cupboards look brand new.

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