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A Trip into Moroccan Custom Interior Design

Moroccan kitchen custom interior design.

Origins of Moroccan Custom Interior Design

The Kingdom of Morocco is known for its beautiful natural landscapes and intricate Islamic architecture. As the scenario of one of cinema’s most romantic features, Casablanca (1942), Morocco holds special allure in the collective imaginary and for those interested in custom interior design inspired by it’s beautiful culture. Although the nation has been influenced by French and Spanish cultures, its main ethnic identity and cultural expression come from the predominant Berber and Arab groups.

The Berbers have called the Moroccan lands home since the Paleolithic era and have remained a nomadic or semi-nomadic tribe even when infused in the times and conditions of modernity. When Muslims conquered the area in the 7th century, the Berbers adopted the religion. Berber and Arab dynasties ruled the land until Europe’s colonial project set its sights on Morocco in the late 19th century. Morocco regained its independence in 1957. The country is ruled by a parliament under a constitutional monarchy, even as its younger population sacrifices itself in the name of political reform.

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The 5 Hottest Trends in Vintage Industrial Interior Design

Steampunk decor

Vintage Industrial Interior Design: past and future converge to give us a timeless aesthetic filled with character and uniqueness. Now, to find the perfect vintage industrial interior design recipe for your home, dive into the details of five different and exquisite styles of vintage industrial interior design. While the industrial aesthetic favors exposed, raw, and imperfect features of industrial design (weathered wood, concrete, exposed bricks, and steel beams), vintage trends allow you to add specificity and contrast to this paradigm. Below are five vintage styles that might inspire you to mix-and-match design elements: steampunk, retro-futurist, romantic, haute couture, and Art Decor. Grab your inspiration board and take some notes!

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A Guide to Tropical Minimalist Home Decor

Jamaican sunrise.

Fully fathom a land where sea breeze and sunlight never fade. Imagine your dream home in this land. With a little bit of effort and creativity, you can transport this scenario to your own house. The Caribbean may be far from where you are living, but that’s no excuse to not pay homage to the land of Touissant Louverture and Rihanna. Keep reading to find out how to embrace the traditional and contemporary aspects of Caribbean culture and history, and how to craft a tropical nest in your home with tropical minimalist home decor.

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Embrace Modernity with Vintage Modern Home Decor

Kitchen inspired by vintage modern home decor.

A nostalgia for the gritty times before the overly technological era of nowadays might seem a bit paradoxical. Yet, the turn-of-the-century industrial home decor look makes for an interior design that speaks modern, sleek, and contemporary. Well, trends are cyclical! You can always go with a vintage flair with your industrial vintage modern home decor, but we’ll say more about that later. You may have seen this trend in the sets of some of your favorite TV shows—in the offices of young professionals or the cool, edgy NYC lofts.

It’s certainly a style that gives this message: we are too cool to look like we spent money. It’s definitely an aesthetic that goes for raw, edgy, and, you know, exposed bricks. Vintage modern home decor has taken the leap from glossy interior design magazines, TV shows, and upper-class homes to become increasingly popular in commercial spaces, lofts and studio apartments, and even family homes. Here’s a run-down of the main key points in industrial home décor.

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Herbs to Boost the Immune System

It may be beneficial to incorporate herbs to boost the immune system into your lifestyle.

There are many ways to possibly naturally boost our immune system. One potentially great way to strengthen may be to include any, some, or better still, all of the following herbs to boost the immune system into your diet.

Herbs To Boost The Immune System That Might Be Effective


Many studies have spoken of the potential efficacy of Echinacea. From simple colds to serious infections, Echinacea might do a good job in treating several diseases and could possibly be one of the best herbs to boost the immune system. It has possible antibacterial and antiviral properties. It also may have the power to stimulate the infection-fighting immune cells of the human body.

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Simple Vegan Recipes For Beginners

Tofu is a popular vegan meat alternative and is often used in many simple vegan recipes for beginners.

Meat-lovers: give vegan food a chance! With several environmental, health, and economic crises going on, it has become increasingly necessary to have taste flexibility. You can keep on loving meat, but taking small steps to reduce your consumption of animal products by learning some simple vegan recipes for beginners can help lessen the negative impact of cattle production on the environment and improve your own health.

Why Choose Simple Vegan Recipes for Beginners?

On average, vegans and vegetarians weigh 5 to 20 percent lower than regular meat-eaters and have much lower rates of obesity. Skipping on some animal fat a couple times a week also helps you fight the risk of type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Also, nearly 20 percent of ALL pollution comes from cattle production, so it’s actually very important to the future of the planet that we re-educate our taste buds. There are plenty of reasons to venture into a new world of food. Whether you just discovered you’re intolerant and/or allergic to dairy or you simply cannot afford to eat steak every day anymore, we got you covered with yummy recipes that will make you forget how much you mocked vegans! Check out these healthy and veggielicious simple vegan recipes for beginners:

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Alternative Therapy Holistic Homeopathy Immunity Boosters

Acupuncture as a type of holistic homeopathy may potentially be beneficial to your health.


Studies have said that Acupuncture as a type of holistic homeopathy may be very helpful in treating allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, colds, asthma and many other types of infections. This is in part because acupuncture may do a good job in increasing the production of T-cells in the body.
These are the kinds of cells that are responsible for killing harmful bacteria and viruses that could pose threats to a person’s health. Through the use of very fine needles, accurately placed, acupuncture might provoke the immune response of the body. As soon as the body detects the inserted needle, the immune system may wrongfully think that these needles are threats, so it could immediately increase its production of white blood cells.
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Set Your Palate on Fire with West Indies Cuisine

Delicious Jamaican Ribs, a popular West Indian food

What’s your spice level? Keep a glass of milk by your side or tone down the heat, but don’t skip on trying some of these amazing West Indies food recipes. West Indies cuisine flavors combine a mixture of heritage, from Portuguese to Creole, from Cajun to British, and passing through neighborly Latin American wonders. Take a look at the recipes below and challenge your taste buds to explore these fiery foods from the West Indies cuisine!

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Finding the Best Exercise for your Immune System

20 minutes of exercise can give your immune system a boost!

A recent study said that it only takes 20 minutes of exercise to potentially give your immune system a boost. Serious exercisers may think that spending 20 minutes of moderate physical activity is more like a warm-up than an exercise period. Researchers have said that 20 minutes of whatever the best exercise routine for you is, may be enough to jump start the anti-inflammatory activity of the immune system.

Taking the time to engage in moderate exercise may deliver a host of health benefits. It helps a person potentially gain better prevention and may help better control diabetes and hypertension. Exercise may also reduce the risk of stress, anxiety, and depression.
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The Best of Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean Cuisine Salad

The Mediterranean region encompasses Southern Europe, Northern Africa, parts of the Middle East and Western Asia. Mediterranean cuisine is diverse, surprisingly healthy, and flavorful. You probably have an inkling as to what ingredients are essential in the Mediterranean cuisine kitchen. Think of the idyllic landscapes of Tuscany’s vineyards, of Turkish and Greek olive tree farms, and the wonderful taste of Arab flatbread. Guess what? Olive oil, bread, and wine form the holy trinity of Mediterranean cuisine.

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