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Home Décor : Bruce Custom Hardwood Flooring

Furnish your living space with beautiful hardwood Bruce flooring.

Hardwood flooring is an American staple: classic, elegant, and comforting. America’s top provider of exotic custom hardwood flooring, Bruce Flooring, offers a wide range of options, varying in color and edge treatment. You can opt for more minimalist styles or go all out with the theme. Here are some innovative ideas for mixing and matching all the design elements in your room! Continue reading Home Décor : Bruce Custom Hardwood Flooring

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Champion’s Freshly Ground Black Pepper Medium Grind

Champion Coarse Grind Black Pepper

Champion’s Freshly Ground Black Pepper Medium Grind is the number one choice for many of our clients. With an average 30 mesh, this ground black pepper is perfect for everyday cooking and in-situ seasoning. We pride ourselves on the meticulous crafting process of our products. Champion’s Black Pepper is completely dustless, and we even filter out the smaller particles that arise in the grinding process. Continue reading Champion’s Freshly Ground Black Pepper Medium Grind

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Champion’s Korintje Cinnamon Powder

Freshly ground Korintje cinnamon.

The cinnamon tree, scientific name Cinnamomum, has a use for every single one of its parts—bark, roots, buds, leaves, and flowers. Most places in the U.S. tend to consume the Indonesian variety, Korintje cinnamon,Cinnamomum burmannii, a type cassia cinnamon, a plant native of Southern China. After being dried, the scented bark of Cassia cinnamon is widely sold in whole sticks or chips, but you’re more likely to find it in ground form.

Continue reading Champion’s Korintje Cinnamon Powder

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How to Polish Bronze: A Three Minute Guide

Leave your bronze decorations shiny and clean!

From heavy machinery to delicate jewelry, bronze has many uses. A mixture of tin and copper, bronze is the most suitable material for statues and for many decorative objects. Despite the fact that bronze has been around since, well, the Bronze Age (3300 – 600 BC), we don’t see ancient bronze laying around the ruins of Rome or Constantinople. This is because bronze oxidizes when it gets old, leading to that green-tinted aspect. Think of the roofs and landscape of some of the world’s oldest cities. Whenever bronze rusted, from ancient times till now, people sold the old bronze to be melted and recycled into new objects. While recycling is very noble (we’re all for it), here is the complete lowdown on how to polish bronze, leaving it fresh, shiny, and definitely not green. Continue reading How to Polish Bronze: A Three Minute Guide

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Finding The Best Stain Remover

With the best stain remover, getting rid of food stains can be as easy as eating the food!

They say the secret to adulthood is dealing with spills and stains as soon as they happen, but sometimes life is too messy to let us do instant cleaning. The average adult spills coffee on their linen, white shirts at least two hundred times in their lifetime (unscientific poll). Some of us have more pasta sauce in our clothes than on our plates. And if you are a clumsy cook, you certainly have lost many pieces of clothing to the rebound effect of cooking oil at high temperatures. And if you have kids… You are fighting an endless war against stains. To help you win some battles, here is our ultimate guide for finding the best stain remover. Continue reading Finding The Best Stain Remover

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Mop for Laminate Floors

Using the best mop for laminate floors will keep your living space clean and shiny.

Pergo flooring is increasingly popular in home décor. It has all the style and class of hardwood flooring while instilling a sense of comfort in your nest. It comes at much more affordable prices and the benefits to the environment make it a LEED-approved construction material. With the rise of DIY home-owners, laminated flooring gained even more popularity as it is relatively easy to install. Laminate flooring is now an instant classic. You probably chose laminate floors for all the reasons above, but especially because of its durability. The thing is… without proper cleaning and maintenance steps, you might be shortchanging yourself. If you have been wondering how to clean Pergo floors, here are 5 tips for choosing the best mop for laminate floors: Continue reading 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Mop for Laminate Floors

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Surf the Hawaiian Home Décor Wave

Beautiful display of Hawaiian home decor outside

The 50th U.S. state has a long history prior to its American incorporation. Evidence suggests that its earliest inhabitants migrated from Polynesia and other Oceanic islands to their new homeland approximately 300 CE. While the Polynesian culture remains Hawaii’s predominant ancestral influence, the state became the home of many other ethnicities and nationalities in the past 200 years—with large presences of the Filipino, Korean, Latino, Japanese, Samoan, and Chinese communities. Spanning over nineteen volcanic islands, this multifaceted culture expresses its creativity through many inspiring arts and crafts practices. If you want to give your home a taste of the Hawaiian home décor style, come aboard! Continue reading Surf the Hawaiian Home Décor Wave

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Beeswax For Skin: A Natural Remedy

Busy bees making raw beeswax

Beeswax has been used for countless years for a wide assortment of commercial, cosmetic, and medicinal benefits. Originally, beeswax was the only form of wax that was used commercially in candles. In fact, ‘wax’ itself derives from the Old English word ‘weax,’ which exclusively referred to the European honey bee (Tulloch 47). Many beeswax for skin uses in ancient cultures had to do with dry skin. Produced only by worker honey bees, it is no wonder beeswax is often considered a high-quality ingredient for many different products on the market. Continue reading Beeswax For Skin: A Natural Remedy

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Copper and Brass Jewelry Cleaning Solutions

Finding a copper and brass jewelry cleaning solution will leave your jewelry clean and shiny!

If jewelry materials were high school kids, gold would be the most popular girl, with silver as her best friend. But copper and brass would be the cool, alternative kids. However, style and character come at a price. Copper and brass jewelry, like the good theatre geeks that they are, need special care because they are very sensitive (to oxygen exposure). They can get badly tarnished without a proper cleaning routine, which can lead to discomfort when wearing your fabulous jewelry. For those prone to skin allergy, it is extremely important to give your jewel attention, love, and a good polish. Here is a quick rundown of the best tips on how to find the best copper and brass cleaning solution: Continue reading Copper and Brass Jewelry Cleaning Solutions

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Quality Hardwood Floors: Finishes & Designs

Living room with hardwood flooring

Introduction: Quality Hardwood Floors

Looking to make the most out of your quality hardwood floors? Here are some ways to get that perfect and unique floor that you have always wanted.


Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

Historically, hardwood flooring was made using special draw-knives to manually scrape planks smooth. Today, you can still purchase hand-scraped flooring surfaces. The blade used to achieve this one-of-a-kind flooring is unique. It is attached to a distinctive-looking knife that has a handle on either end. The carpenters draw the knife towards their bodies to take shavings off. The end result has distinctive scrape marks that do not have the uniform appearance of machine-scraped flooring. This results in an old-time, artisanal aesthetic that will be sure to compliment your living space.
Continue reading Quality Hardwood Floors: Finishes & Designs