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100 DIY Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Your Home

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Decorating your home with wall art has become a trend in interior design. If you think artworks are expensive, you can create your own to save on money. DIY wall art can actually invoke a more personal aura for your home as these will reflect your thoughts, ideas, and creativeness. The following are 100 DIY wall art ideas that you can easily start implement into your home today!

1. Sequins Wall Art

You only need colorful sequins, glue, and a canvas to make a sparkling and shiny piece of artwork.


Sequin art.


2. 3D Artwork

Use cutouts of different sizes and colors of circles to create a color block. This will give a 3D effect when the pieces land on top of each other.

3D wall art.






3. Flower Art

Fold thin colored papers to come up with different types of flower art that you can hang on walls.

Floral art.






4. Postcard Wall Art

Frame your collection of postcards and hang this on the wall.

Postcard art.






5. Decal Art

Putting colorful dot decals on a wall will give it an interesting look.

Decal wall art.








6. Abstract Painting

You can basically do anything with abstract painting. Your handprint in a colorful shade would look good hanging on a wall.

Abstract painting.







7. Kitchen Wall Art

Cutouts of patterns of kitchen utensils like pitchers and cups and saucers would look good when framed.

Kitchen art.








8. Water Color Artwork

Paint an image of an object on a canvas with water color and put it on a nice frame for hanging.

Water color painting.








9. Thumbtack Work of Art

Get a Styrofoam and make a pattern of an image. Trace this with gold-colored thumbtacks for an easy-to-do art project.

Polishing Cloth perfectly polish anything.

10. Clipboard Wall Art

Clipboards can hold stenciled letters to form words.

11. Line Artwork

There are computer softwares that can produce pieces of art made of lines and colors.

Line art.





12. Punch Holes Art

Using a puncher on colored paper can give you all the materials you need to create abstract art made of dots.

13. Quote Wall Art

Paint and paintbrush are all the tools that you need to put your favorite quote directly on the wall.

14. Map Artwork

You can frame parts of a map to show the countries and places you’ve been to.

Map art.





15. Animal Wall Art

A silhouette of an animal can be traced and colored for a simple yet eye-catching art piece.

Fox art.





16. Framed Scarves

You can put nicely patterned scarves on elegant frames for an easy work of art.

Flower scarf.








17. Personalized Abstract Painting

Paint a canvas in gold and use painter’s tape to create different designs.

Gold abstract painting.







18. Fabric Wall Art

You can frame strips of colorful cloths for a unique looking wall décor.

Fabric wall art.






19. Glow in the Dark Art

Framing glow in the dark items like stars, flowers, spiders, and other objects will give you a glowing wall art piece.

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20. Dancing Dots Art

Polka dot canvases always look good. This time, slice a potato and use its flat surface to create the dots with paint or water colors. The imperfect circles actually look good on this project.

Dot art.







21. Favorite Pet Wall Art

Enlarge a picture of your favorite pet and hang it on your wall.

Pet art.






22. Wise Quotes on Canvas Art

Paper cuttings make for great art. You can use magazine clippings or patterned paper for this project.

23. World Map Art

You can draw a pattern of world map directly on your wall.

Polishing cloth here comes the shine!

24. Glowing Art

Pattern any image on your wall using battery-powered lights.

Glowing art.






25. Colorful Monogram Wall Art

A monogram can be framed and placed on the wall for display.

Monogram art.








26. Patterned Fabric Wall Art

Cut a portion of a designed fabric and cover a blank canvas with it.

Fabric wall art.








27. Tissue Paper Art

Dip pieces of tissue paper in water colors and paste them on a canvas.

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28. Favorite Song Lyric Art

Use cutout letters and paste a line of your favorite song on a blank canvas.

29. Ribbon Wall Art

You can recycle ribbons from gifts to make them into colorful stripes on a frame or canvas.

Ribbon flower art.







30. Wire Art

Use a colored wire to create words that you can hang on the wall.

31. Stick Wall Art

Straight sticks can create a 3D image of a box.

Polishing cloth, clean, shine, protect.

32. Junk Mail Art

Cutout pieces of delivery envelopes can be randomly positioned on a canvas.

33. Heart Paint Chips Art

Line up different colored hearts on a piece of paper and frame the finished product.

Heart art.





34. Confetti Art

Colorful strips of paper can be glued on a canvas for 3D confetti effects.

Confetti art.







35. Glowing Words Art

Ready-made letters can be patterned with small lights to make them glow.

Glow love.







36. Triangle Paint Chips Art

Use paint chips in triangle form to make abstract art.

Triangle art.








37. Office Supplies Art

Use painter’s tape and puncher dots to create a colorful art on a blank canvas.

38. Wood Wall Art

Wood art.






Cut a diamond-shaped plywood and glue some triangle-shaped paint chips on its surface.

39. Patchwork Art

Recycle an old headboard and glue some paper cutouts on its surface.

40. Painted Wood Art

Paint pieces of wood and stick these on a blank canvas.

Wood dove art.






41. Cork Coasters Art

Coasters that are made from cork materials can be wrapped with ribbons and used as small versions of memo board.

Cork coaster art.

42. Fabric Quote Art

Cut letters from a fabric and use these to create quotes and sayings on a canvas.

The Ultimate Grease Slayer.

43. Pixel Art

Square-shaped paint chips or square cutouts can be layered on a canvas to produce pixel effects.

Pixel art.








44. Lumber Art

Pieces of salvaged lumber can be used as outdoor hanging wall art.

45. Spray Paint Art

Use painter’s tape and a spray paint to create abstract art on a blank canvas.

Spray paint art.








46. Yarn Wall Art

Rolls of yarns in different colors can be combined on a canvas to create an artistic look.

Yarn art.






47. Fish Scale Art

Layer pieces of circle cutouts to form a fish scale design on a blank canvas.

Fish art.





48. Shoebox Wall Art

A recycled shoebox can be painted and used as a floating shelf.

49. String of Words Art

A piece of colored string can spell out words and write a sentence.

50. Stenciled Art

You can display your favorite saying on the wall by using stencils.

Stenciled art.






51. Cupcake Wrapper Art

Arrange cupcake wrappers on a blank canvas for a 3D flower look.

52. Diamond Paint Chips Art

Frame different colored diamond paint chips for a cool effect.

53. Popsicle Sticks Art

Positioning colorful popsicle sticks on a canvas can create amazing art.

Polishing cloth small cloth, huge results.

54. Quilted Monogram Art

Roll thin pieces of colored paper to create 3D art.

55. Tape Frames

Use colorful tapes to create illusions of frames on blank walls.

56. Heart Lamp Art

Cut a pattern of a heart and put a light behind it.

Heart light art.






57. Framed States Art

Map cutouts of the States that you’ve visited look good as wall decorations.

58. Starburst Art

Straight colorful branches positioned as rays would produce an image of starburst.

59. Cross Stitch Art

A peg board can be used to create patterns of stitches.

Cross stitch art.






60. Pressed Fern Wall Art

Press and dry fern leaves and frame these for an impressive wall décor.

Fern art.







61. Decorated Embroidery Hoops

Paint some fabrics and put these in embroidery hoops before hanging them on the wall.

Embroidered hoop art.







62. Clothes Pin Art

A flat ordinary mirror can come alive with clothes pins attached on its borders.

Experience the moisturizing buzz of beeswax.

63. Floral Wreathe Souvenir Art

Guest book messages written in leaf-shaped pieces of paper can be collated and formed into a floral wreathe.

Floral wreathe.








64. Nuts Art

You can get nuts from a hardware store and use these circles for decorative art on a canvas.

65. Thumbtacks Art

You can trace out letters and words on a blank canvas by using thumbtacks.

66. Tissue Pompoms Art

Paint pieces of tissue paper and bunch these up into colorful pompoms for creative wall décor.

67. Color Block Art

Use glue to stick different colored and different shapes of paper onto a canvas to produce abstract art.

Colorful abstract art.






68. Duct Tape Art

Use colored duct tapes to create multiple lines on a blank canvas.

69. Map Monogram Wall Art

Cover ready-made letters with map printouts.

70. Book Pages Art

You can cover a portion of a wall with pages from a book.

71. Chalkboard Portrait Art

Frame-sized chalkboards can be drawn with images of each member of the family.







72. Ellipse Art

Empty toilet paper rolls can be pressed and shaped into an ellipse form for a unique looking 3D wall art.

Cool feet happy feet.

73. Nature Embroidery Wall Art

Fresh branches and flowers can be glued on a fabric for a realistic embroidery art.

Embroidered art.






74. Tape Christmas Trees

Strips of duct tapes can form patterns of Christmas trees on a blank wall during the Holiday season.

75. Giant Wall Flower Art

An old bouquet of flowers can be recycled into wall décor.

Flower art.







76. Textured Line Art

Coloring a roll of string can be made into abstract art when placed on a canvas.

77. Key Collection Art

Frame your collection of old apartment keys and display the places you’ve lived in.

78. Wine Cork Art

Sticking corks on a canvas will produce an interesting image.

Wine corks.





79. Glittery Art

Spray a blank canvas with glue and sprinkle it with different colored glitters.

Glittery art.






80. Yarn Blocks

Wooden blocks can be wrapped with colorful yarns and made into hanging decors.

81. Map Puzzle Art

Cut a world map into pieces and put these in individual frames to create a puzzle look of the map.

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82. Letterpress Art

Create a letterpress tray on a blank canvas and hang this on the wall.

Letterpress art.

83. Wooden Shim Wall Art

You can layer wooden shims directly on the wall to create a new look.

84. Fringe Monogram Art

A ready-made letter can be covered with a layer of fringe.

85. Gold-Dipped White Feathers

White feathers dipped in gold paint look good as the main materials of a garland.

86. Belt Cork Boards

Different shaped cork boards can become wall art by using old belts to hang them on the wall.

87. Living Art

Air plants can be used as wall art by hanging them on strings.

House plants.






88. Light-Up Sign

A piece of flat glass can be spray painted with frosted paint. You can then place some soft glowing lights behind it to display its design.

89. Color Blocking

Old image paintings can be given a new look by blocking a part of it with solid paint.

Color blocking.






90. String Heart Décor

A piece of string can be shaped into a heart and glued to the wall.

Krestol 5.

91. Scrabble Tile Wall Art

Cut pieces of wood to produce square-shaped tiles. You can then paint letters and numbers on the surfaces like those in scrabble tiles.

92. Chocolate Art

Glue pieces of your favorite chocolates on a blank canvas. This makes for an edible wall decoration on Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate art.






93. Spoon Art

This type of art involves using a spoon as a paint brush when creating abstract images on a canvas.

94. CD Case Wall Art

CD cases can be used as picture frames for small sized paintings.

95. Embroidery Hoop Garland Art

Garland materials can be made to hang in embroidery hoops.

96. Yarn Banner

Glue colored yarns on a piece of paper to create a banner. When it dries up, you can trim and cut it into your desired pattern.

Yarn art.




97. Hexagon Wall Art

Woodworking panels with hexagon design can produce the impression of having a honeycomb wall.

Pain Oil 1.

98. Scalloped Art

Cut out different colored paper materials and paste these in a scaled manner to produce 3D and pop out effects.

Cheetah art.

99. Lip Print Wall Art

Use your lipstick collection to create your own kiss marks on a blank canvas.

100. Photo Garland

You can hang pictures on a clothes line that’s made of ribbons.


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