Your Complete Solution: Mops for Hardwood Floors, Laminate Floor Cleaner, Culinary Herbs and Spices, and More!

Champion Supplies offers an exclusive USA made dust mop & wet mop, each one considered the best mop for hardwood floors. Our degreaser concentrate, polishing cloth, body cream, and cooking spices are world class. For almost 40 years, Champion Supplies has provided customers with solutions to their cleaning problems through the use of high-performance products. The majority of which are Made In The USA. We offer a variety of niche high quality kitchen, bathroom, window, and house cleaning supplies not found in your typical brick and mortar stores.

For example, if you’re looking for the best mop for hardwood floors, the Champion old fashioned Dust Mop is the answer. It is useful at picking up dust from any hard surface without the use of chemicals or treatments.

Making this dry mop environmentally friendly. Are you wondering what is the best mop for tile floors The solution lies with two mops.  Either the Champion Super Yellow Mop or our 100% Cotton Mop. Both are lightweight and easy to wring out by hand.

In need of a safe laminate floor cleaner? Look no further than Champion’s Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner. The best tile floor cleaner choice is our Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner.


 Champion Home Product Recommendations:

Automotive: The Best Chrome Polish and Engine Degreaser

Are you an automotive aficionado or motorcycle enthusiasts wondering what the best chrome polish is?  Try the Champion Polishing Cloth! It cleans a variety of metals, including precious metals, in your shop and home.

For cleaning grease off of motors, the Champion Degreaser Concentrate is the best engine degreaser.
We offer useful and unique cleaning brushes such as the Barbecue Grill Brush, Tile and Grout Brush, and the Clothes and Upholstery Brush.

Personal Care: Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products

For the best anti-aging skin care products, the Champion Natural Body Cream with Beeswax (similar to old all purpose cream with beeswax-type) is capable of moisturizing even the driest skin. We offer a Kent Boar Bristle Brush that creates healthy, shiny hair naturally. The Kent Boar Hair Brush is for both men and women. It will clean, stimulate, and condition your hair beautifully. Familiar with Rawleigh-type products? Then you’ll love authentic McNess Products! Since 1908, McNess Products such as McNess Krestol Salve, now called McNess Krestol Eucalyptus Gel (similar to Rawleigh antiseptic salve-type), have been best sellers. McNess Mentholated Ointment, now called McNess Mentholated Camphor Rub (similar to Rawleighs medicated ointment-type) may offer congestion relief. Need to purchase Immune Tree Colostrum?  We offer Immune Tree Colostrum. Immune Tree Colostrum is the best Colostrum supplement. Immune Tree Colostrum Capsules may help support a healthy immune system.

Food: Culinary Herbs and Spices

Champion offers the finest in culinary herbs and spices. Blended using the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. We offer premium cooking spices such as Happy Home Black Pepper. This is a Black Malabar pepper, which is considered a pure ground black pepper of the highest quality. Wondering where to buy Happy Home flavoring? We offer Happy Home Lemon Flavoring, Happy Home Butternut Flavoring, Happy Home Clear Vanilla Flavoring, and more!

In summary, if you’re looking for the best mop for hardwood floors, the best mop for tile floors, the best tile floor cleaner, anti-aging skin care products, and tasty food products, then turn to Champion Supplies for the highest quality home products.